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Kewozi can snatch the Santana, a key part of? This is driving the car – Sohu hsupai from the original article, writer Zhang meesters. Car sales of the top five has appeared in two cars: Jetta and santana. For to choose 8-10 million entry-level compact level market joint venture products to consumers, if the primary demand is Car Buying cheap and durable, optional small but demand is not small, resulting in the two models on sales of more than 25 thousand vehicles in the long-term situation. And now, SAIC Chevrolet also took aim at the huge demand for market segments, the Chengdu auto show in September, the new car will be officially released Kewozi. It faces the competitor who is usually the old Santana, platform continued, materials and technology behind 1-2 generation, so the car interior materials, often gives people a sense of old, old. Easy to be associated with the image of the owner, but also often a taxi in the big cities, towns and villages in the middle-aged and elderly population. Chevrolet and they are completely different, in China, Chevrolet has always been to give people the feeling full of youthful spirit. So the conflict ends, the Kewozi will show the product characteristics and product positioning of what is worth. Show a few days ago, driving hsupai have contact with this product, the real car after watching the most intuitive feeling is that really so old and Santana models are not the same, although the products are 8-10 million level, but the shape and interior design language are significantly more stylish and jump. And the multimedia is not to a generation for the traditional head, but relatively easy to use Internet edition. In addition, SAIC GM Chevrolet products are also open to explain the brain hole, continue to emphasize the young on the basis of the square dance aunt actually such a crowd is also included in the product range of radiation. This is the basis of market positioning Kewozi — in order to click into place as the core of the benefits, the pragmatic young people to the mentality of fashionable in the elderly of the two groups in one fell swoop pull through. From the exterior view, Kewozi is new. The double front grille is a new generation of Chevrolet family language, the details of the design more praise is the new "blast" gradient texture than the current model to be dynamic grid. At the same time, despite the car’s level is not high, but for the headlight had given grade of care, a double L shaped in-line LED daytime driving lights for all models of standard. And in the side and tail, it is obvious to give a sense of generosity. This is the first large size, length and breadth were 45441779 1467mm, wheelbase 2600mm, Bikeluzi 466618071460 wheelbase 2700 smaller than 3, but with much larger sail. Broad sense is the line through the handle, vehicle lateral characteristics significantly and side of the body is not easy to find an invisible line, making the body level grades on a higher level. While in the car, flying wing cockpit design style Chevrolet family, or beyond their traditional interior Santana on language well. This show car driving hsupai see, I相关的主题文章: