Jin Geyu song investment losses must be due to the prescription can be cured tianbi

Jin Geyu song: investment losses will be due to prescription drugs can profit Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! When there is data on the market, no doubt. But the same, investment returns and risks coexist, how much money can make a loss. This week, such as non-agricultural, such as roller coaster ride. A single line in the middle of the night, as long as you can make a single analysis can make money. Of course, my customers make money, does not mean that all of the investment friends have made money. But friends do not think about it, this market is someone to make money, then the money can not be the person that you. If you don’t make money, what’s the reason?. Is there the next time did not earn the money, not only to restore the loss must also make a lot of heroic ambition. Want to go, you have to get rid of the wrong habits. Jin Qu Geyu first summarize causes loss of most of my friends. The relevant investment issues with the gold Geyu song prestige jgyq123 AC. The reason for the loss of the 1 direction is not willing to stop the loss of the direction of the bulls were strong, but did empty. But because of a loss in the flesh, reluctant. Lead to more losses more, until the explosion. In this case, you should first be clear about how many points you can carry, and whether your money will carry him back. But if you meet game over (it is unilateral to judge the market unilateral or shock Geyu gold WeChat jgyq123 music today does not speak). So the loss loss, your loss along a potential not only to recoup their losses, maybe you can earn, which is completely in the list to throw in the resignation of gambling, what to do. 2 too little profit out of money market shocks is itself a good time to do a super short, fast Many a little make a mickle. But a friend is too little profit, earn a list of money, want to earn a few points. But the market is a little instantaneous, not only did not earn and suddenly reversed on the deficit. So the hand on hand, I do a few waves Penny also can add up to make a lot of. Zhijuzhechangle. 3 see the data one Friday’s payrolls bad, snap into space. Finally swept away a large. I think this situation is the most should not happen, because the data staged reverse market is often the case. Do you really admire the gold Geyu. Single is mainly based on the combination of news and technical analysis to do a single, and not only a single party. But the news is not only the most bullish data bad, mainly to see the market for data response. So do not superstitious data, there is no shortcut to success. 4 up more than the sky will fall deep will be more than non farm late surge, a lot of friends feel that all of the up so much. Will definitely fall, immediately empty into. Who knows the rally and decline is not unreasonable, you come to me. You can never give in. The market does not have any high position at all, by feeling to guess the so-called high and low do single. It must be a real loss. It is a professional analysis, not an intuitive theory相关的主题文章: