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Independent bookstores rely on "independence"? Depending on the new network creators – in 1976, Australia Melbourne man Mark (Mark Rubbo)? Rob was running a company called "long haired professor" in the video shop, two friends of the egg, he bought a Swiss dince bookstore for a couple of Readings from a surname (Readings). "This name is very interesting, I will keep down." As early as 1969, the bookstore opened on the. In 60s Melbourne is in the tide of social change and cultural agitation, but Australia is not how the domestic publishing industry developed, the literature rarely, and adjacent to the Melbourne University old Rui Martins bookstore "small but complete", with its rich collection of books, for the prosperity of the city to add a fire advanced knowledge and foreign culture sticks. After 40 years, Rui Martins bookstore has been the year of 1 and 7, Melbourne is not only the city name card, became the model of independent bookstores, and won the "annual global best Bookstore award at the 2016 London International Book fair". Even today, Mark is still a day out of the shop every week to sell books. "We often chat with customers, ask them what they are reading, what the book said, good, they are very willing to talk to us." Here, he frowned, "a patron I died last year, he is a history teacher, a real bookworm, nearly 40 years, he every week to buy about 10 books, I’m not sure whether he can finish reading it, but his addiction." Mark was deeply fascinated by the feel of the paper and the smell of the bookstore, "in the bookstore, they not only have books, but also our. Buying a book is an emotional act." In the Swiss dince bookstore, not only a clerk (or boss) can chat with you for a whole day things, you can encounter many local writers writing in the store, take part in several interesting discussion activities (annual Swiss dince bookstore will host more than 250 events). You know, the famous Australian women’s literature prize Stella Prize, was born in this bookstore a literature award of gender equality issues debate. In 2003, Bauders (Borders) chain bookstore opened in the Rui Martins in a flagrant way across the two, just across the street. A street of the two bookstores, for a community of small market, a war imminent. In contrast, Bauders as the second largest U.S. Bookstore chain brands like behemoth, even this extension to Australia a Dazu, can easily crush a lot of window small, discount less and profit independent bookstore. Fortunately, this is not the case. Local love books have rallied in support of the independent bookstore Rui Rui, local students also launched a protest behavior art, serious and clever use of the slogan is very eye-catching slogan: Books without borders! (borders here refers to the boundaries, restrictions), also refers to the Bauders bookstore. It’s even more interesting, ray "相关的主题文章: