In September the number of SUV sales soared SUV explosion models rely on what to win

In September the number of SUV sales soared SUV explosion models rely on what to win? In September the number of SUV sales surge of the explosion of SUV by what can win? Wang ban – the SUV market in September an increase of 53% over August 42.3%, the independent brand in the SUV top ten sales models occupy 6 seats, continue to maintain the dominant position. To say that the independent SUV how the fire, you look by Roewe RX5 listed at the beginning of every 2 minutes to sell 1 vehicles advanced to September per minute to sell 1 vehicles, while GAC trumpchi GS4 sustained 16 months sales rose 81% in September year-on-year sales ranked runner up. It can be said that today’s independent SUV model, the price of 150 thousand yuan in monthly sales on 10 thousand cars are not "hot", that is "a man of independent SUV model, the price of more than 150 thousand yuan monthly sales to 10 thousand vehicles". When the manic SUV market is the first half of 2015, the stock market staged legend, skyrocketing stock market was born with Warren, SUV market is also skyrocketing over the birth of "blast", but the tide will ebb tide, tide after who can survive is really god. As the stock market crash, performance support and future growth potential of the listed company’s share price is still high, what are SUV models tend to be rational, SUV wave after passing can still prosperous in the consumer? I think, with excellent quality reputation is the foundation of independent SUV continued selling, grasp the market forward-looking technology and the mainstream trend of design is independent of SUV "Superman" killer. According to the actual sales models as an example. 2015 April listed GAC trumpchi GS4 is like a dark horse, listed second months monthly sales of over 10000, 2015 annual sales of 13.2 cars this year, Jin, GAC trumpchi GS4 has ranked the top two SUV markets, sales in September is as high as 34 thousand. As we all know, many new cars in the automotive industry, always a few months before the sale of hot, and then slowly disappear from the market. In general, for the period of 1 years, the new car has withstood the test of the market, reputation and sales into the virtuous cycle of mutual promotion, low failure rate and good reputation of car sales continue to rise, high failure rate and poor reputation models, sales continued to decline. These years, the domestic first-line brands generally pay attention to product quality, such as listed in early July this year, SAIC Roewe RX5 spent nearly 2 billion yuan of research and development, not only by world-class design, a world-class Internet black technology, more application of world-class "blue chip high power technology. In the "blue chip" EfficientDynamics, SAIC MGE 2.0TGI engine is to build the first independent research and development of high performance and large displacement turbocharged engine and the first use of the modular design of the engine, leading the SUV two times. Recently held the world’s first Internet car rally, SAIC Roewe RX5 with world-class "blue chip" high power technology, ultra low fuel consumption record 3.7L hundred kilometers, refresh the SUV fuel economy standards. In order to ensure that the Roewe RX5 low failure rate, SAIC enabled original Shanghai Volkswagen manufacturing and quality control theory and Tao Hailong相关的主题文章: