I released the promo hot blooded youth exhibition surging plustek

I released the promo hot blooded youth exhibition surging Sina entertainment news recently, sing for the combination of "nanzhengbeizhan" launched a strong visual impact of the concept of propaganda, just a minute, showing a "civil war" become an independent school style and passionate rhythm. Promotional film lively, strong colors, with their "my sky", "pride of the youth", filled with warm blood, youthful breath. "The proud boy" is not only to promote "China dream" of the animated film "the rabbit that those things" theme song, but also I as the song in the "China song" third season on the stage singing. The song melody atmosphere Jiyang, lyrics inspirational upward, especially the phrase "run, pride of youth, young heart is firm belief" is very exciting. From the melody to the lyrics, to convey the spirit of the song, "the proud boy" and the "China dream", "China spirit" is the embodiment of China closely, tenacious struggle, brave dream of youth. I combined into the army in 2012, since his debut, for many films produced and sang songs, such as "Tai Chi" the theme song "stand up", "youth school" theme song "my sky", "Chinatown" the detective song "Savoy", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deckard broken shadow and 2-" China area theme song "breaking out". The music I blood passionate, full of positive energy, but also in the style of bold innovation and inclusive. Both Hip-Hop, rock, electronic music and avant-garde pop elements, but also incorporates a number of elements of the China traditional music instruments, such as suona, zither, flute by arranging China "folk style and ingenious mix of electronic music fashion. Three members have their own characteristics in the combination, Ting Yang voice thick rough masculine Hale; Zhao Chenlong’s voice was tearing the vicissitudes of life, with metal texture; NICEM voice clear and bright, full of magnetism. Three complementary blending, collision of dazzling spark music.相关的主题文章: