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"I am Chinese" children will spread attention of all ethnic groups and children dream of Beijing Beijing in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) large national theme children’s documentary series "I am China" children of the first season will be 14 night landing in Hunan TV "documentary" my column. The film tells the story of the growth of the nation’s children. The crew for 4 years, after 11 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, traveled hundreds of villages, travel more than 300 thousand kilometers, eventually forming the film. The audience will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery from the film, the feelings of the ethnic customs, meet a group of growth in various ethnic groups of children around the Chinese. Follow the lens of the film, not only can see the children’s innocent smile, you can also appreciate the customs and culture of different nationalities. Hani October years, the torch festival of the Yi, the wooden drum, Hezhen fishskin painting…… National culture thrive in history, immortal. In addition to cultural heritage, the child’s dream is another theme of the film. Tajik girl Kabano’s dream is to go to the Pamirs, Beijing school dance; Miao young Jin Hongwen wanted to be just like "wilderness survival" programs like Baer, become an explorer; Naxi boy and Kang ho have a dream that one day can play a game at the Beijing national stadium…… These dreams seem so original". In "my child" is China appear the boy Liu Honglei. Ma Haiyan took this piece of special invited Minzu University of China Professor Teng Xing as general counsel, as well as more than 10 experts as diversity consultant. Teng said the earth is composed of more than 2 thousand ethnic groups. They have more than 6000 languages and live together in about 200 countries. Cultural diversity is an important feature of human society. China is a big family with 56 nationalities. This documentary from the perspective of the children of all ethnic groups to show the colorful production, lifestyle, and rich language and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. We believe that this film will not only help us to understand the knowledge of ethnic diversity, but also enhance the sense of national unity and national unity. (end)相关的主题文章: