Hui won the ball technology shell of war or intense relai Jiayu wind placards poper

Hui won the ball technology shell of war or intense relai Jiayu wind placards in the investigation, after "ST" before the deadline, Hui ball technology (600556.SH) is still the domestic trouble and foreign invasion by layers of mist. But during this period, the mysterious "invaders" Shenzhen relai Jiayu investment enterprises (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "greencare Jiayu") did not stop the pace of wind to complete holdings, two degrees placards, and declared intention to nominate directors to replace members. This means that people really control unknown Hui ball technology or into a more complex game. However, regardless of the actual controller is not clear, the outsiders "invasion" of the complex, forced regulatory upgrade of the layers of fog, Hui ball technology "inside" is also unsatisfactory. The main business, or in performance suffered big face, Hui ball technology now more and more by the market to determine the shell company. The fog and the parties under the cover of the ball in the end of the Hui technological future plans, capital operation and industrial development? The wind to replace board members nominated placards since July 21st of this year, this time more than a month, a total of 15 times to buy relai Jiayu Hui ball technology stocks finished twice placards. The shareholding ratio reached 10%, ranked as the first major shareholder relai began Jiayu sound position, will be nominated to replace the board, the members of the board of supervisors. This means that the actual control of unknown Hui ball technology will fall into a more whirling situation. The evening of September 6th, Hui ball technology announced that relai Jiayu from August 11th to September 5th, the cumulative holdings of shares 19 million 739 thousand and 842 shares, the amount of the total holdings of about 321 million yuan, the proportion of total holdings of 5.00004% shares, average turnover of 16.26 yuan. And during the period from July 21st to July 28th held 4.999978%, so far we together hold Hui Relais ball technology 39 million 479 thousand and 442 shares, accounting for 10.000018% of the total equity of the Hui ball technology, reach two degrees placards. In fact, in August 9th, announced the first detailed report of changes in equity when we have relai statement said, will be in the market by two to choose the holdings of Hui ball technology shares in the proportion of not less than 5% within the next 12 months. We promise to complete the August 11th relai 10 holdings. And after two degrees placards today, relai Jiayu still make similar promises, changes in equity within 12 months of the day, in the two class market to choose the holdings Hui ball technology shares, holdings amount not less than 50 million yuan. As for the purpose of continued holdings, relai Jiayu is still a simple "holdings of the Department and make the prospects for the future development of the company based on". The industry point out that in the internal management changes and the equity dispersion, we rely on the opportunity in May, Hui shell ball technology. Through more than 10 times the relai Jiayu holdings, the cumulative cost of about 620 million yuan among the largest shareholder of Hui ball technology. According to the company law, shareholders holding more than 10% of the right to propose the convening of an extraordinary general meeting. This means that when we can put forward to replace the relai motion and vote. "In view of the existing board of directors of Listed Companies in the disclosure of information on alleged violations of law, in many cases failed to fully responsible for its governance and?相关的主题文章: