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HUAWEI mobile phone won the classic design award, China design to overtaking? – lack of Sohu technology iPhone7 this generation of product innovation, as a dual lens design technology to improve the biggest bright spot, in the HUAWEI P9 and other domestic mobile phone has been widely used. HUAWEI has just won the classic design award of Beijing international design week, voice for a time on the domestic mobile phone industry design ability became highly acclaimed, but apple and Samsung seems to be the case against complacency gradually decline. But in my view, now the domestic mobile phone although fast in the industrial design progress, but now far not over the moment, if not in the industrial chain, to control the underlying innovation, industrial design work harder, but blindly under the slogan of tribute to do plagiarism, follow the trend, so domestic hand machine in industrial design is likely to will go downhill. How far away from Apple Samsung mobile phone? In terms of sales, HUAWEI, OPPO and other mobile phone manufacturers and Chinese Apple Samsung is imminent, especially China market, domestic mobile phone brand based on consumer demand more accurate grasp, should change fast, low price, marketing is more down to earth, sales and market share in the rapid increase, but compared to apple and Samsung, China there is a huge gap in mobile phone sales. Samsung Electronics has released third quarter earnings in the National Day period, despite the Note7 recall events, but Samsung is still a slight profit growth, which benefited from strong growth in operating profit of Samsung chip, with intelligent mobile phone screen is expected to move to OLED, Samsung panel business profits also will continue to rise. Samsung huge volume, and its upstream resources has a processor chip, flash memory, etc. the core components of the panel, Samsung is able to borrow S7 to reverse the previous downturn, have a great relationship with the control of the curved screen, so although Samsung mobile phone sales will fluctuate in the short term, but the control of the industry chain and the design level. It is still necessary to chase the target of domestic mobile phone. Apple’s industrial design and powerful brand premium, because of large bulk purchases of upstream supply chain control, coupled with the advantages of patents, although this generation of iPhone7 compared to the previous generation first week sales declined slightly, but had to admit, from product maturity and fluency of speaking, iPhone is still very strong the rule of force, and Apple fans’ loyalty, relative Android mobile phone users, but also more stable and loyal. Even if Apple’s innovation is now less than the past, but the future trend of Apple’s mobile phone is more likely to be a gentle decline trend. But from the whole intelligent mobile phone industry, if the price collapse system of apple and Samsung, then the already low profitability of domestic mobile phone, will form a strong impact, especially in the high-end market, the living space will be more narrow. If the future of apple and Samsung in the adoption of new technology, the new scheme is conservative and dull, then at the forefront of China manufacturers its trial cost and risk in actually has accumulated, apple and Samsung volume and brand appeal, but also allow them in one or two generation products appear moderate and light, but if the domestic brands for main products are not for two generations.相关的主题文章: