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Huaihe suffered a severe fall – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hefei, November 2 (reporter Cai Min) reporter from the Huaihe Water Conservancy Commission learned that the recent rainy Huaihe River Basin in October, average rainfall of 177 mm, 289% more than normal, 1953 in the first year history of origin, Huaihe suffered a severe fall. Huaihe Conservancy Commission inspector Wang Bin introduced by the double impact of El Nino and La Nina events this year, abnormal climate change, Huaihe flood appeared over the flood warning, and the continuous rainfall in autumn. Since October, part of the Huaihe basin continued to drop under heavy rain, the main rivers and lakes water level rose rapidly, is expected in the future of Hongze Lake above there are still about 4 billion cubic meters of water into the lake, Lake Hongze Jiang dam water level will continue to rise. Huaihe headquarters in Huaihe closely qiuxun, recently held in Huaihe flood control consultation meeting to study the deployment of anti autumn and water storage etc.. Huaihe headquarters asked the relevant units and departments should attach great importance to Huaihe this year’s autumn, pay close attention to weather changes, to strengthen forecasting and early warning, strengthen consultation and emergency duty analysis. To the scientific control of flood, flood control and drainage area and river basin, flood control and drought resistance in both short-term, comprehensive consideration of flood control, water supply and flood resources utilization, maximize the role of water conservancy projects. It is understood that, from October 24th to November 1st, the Huaihe River, Xixian County, Wu Jiadu and other major Zhengyangguan control station water level rose significantly. In October 30th 19 at Wangjiaba station peak water level 26.79 meters, flow of 2050 cubic meters per second. November 2nd 8, Hongze lake dam station water level of up to 13.62 meters, more than the warning level of 0.12 meters. Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, through Shandong, Huaihe Province, a total length of 1000 kilometers, the "two Alice middle WA", is the flood disaster in China most of the rivers. Every summer, the main flood season, flood control situation in Huaihe has been greatly concerned.相关的主题文章: