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How to create a beautiful Roof garden? Sohu living in a crowded city, everyone has a garden of their own – the sun in the garden, afternoon tea, chat, enjoy the natural interaction with flowers and plants. If not personally see below in this city the roof is a step by step how to become "land of idyllic beauty.". Abstract: position: Top transformation sample shape: rectangular flat roof size: 200 square meters area, abundant ground soil to investigate the state of ______: no first get a piece of the site, familiar with the basic attribute of it is based on gardening design. Usually we need to carefully observe the surrounding environment, especially the sunshine conditions and soil conditions. If is the Roof garden, with special attention to the wind direction and speed, to avoid high plant problems in the days after the growth. The sunshine condition is the main factor affecting the growth of plants. Roof garden full of light, do not worry too much shelter. In general, South to East sunshine sunshine conditions best, West to the north to the second, at least, to plan the plant according to the sunshine. If a layer of garden, but also to observe the direction of the sun from which, the day of the light to move the way and stay time. The importance of soil is to provide plant growth environment, including moisture, nutrients, temperature, pH value, soil microorganism, Roof garden to use nutrition soil quality light. Do you want to do a good style, ______ lawn comfortable, climbing roses noble, Zen Japanese dry landscape garden style in different poses and with different expressions. A lot of people like to extend the home layout of the coordination style to the garden, which is a good way, Japanese, European, American rural style, etc.. Before the idea, might as well try to look at some design examples, outline the hearts of the favorite garden blueprint. In the case of the introduction of the clever integration of many styles. The main function of private gardens, is nothing more than leisure and utility. Focus on leisure, you can choose the big lawn, there are open to play. From a professional point of view to build a garden, then the value of rendering plant. Need to learn about a mode of creating plant plant science and plant landscape. "Planning, we should want some elements listed in the first plan, such as stone road, pool, flower etc.. The same as indoor garden, should be divided into size appropriate spaces, each space corresponding to different functions. And to use the transition corridor, stone road, Bush reflected space. Rhythm and contrast is the focus of garden planning. Just a garden style can be locked, so if the case in the garden area is large enough, can be considered in the middle position, the British big lawn with European style garden, the other end of the path leads into Japanese and wind zone. After the start of construction plan. ______ plan drafted, the blueprint has been achieved by half. According to the plan, than to the site, with a brick to divide each space, set the location and the proportion of the main building, the general path of a clear show. Some essential considerations in the construction process. The drainage problem is the first step after planning to test.相关的主题文章: