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Henan new regulations: "Hongtouwenjian" issued supporting reading "the vernacular version" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhengzhou September 14th news (reporter oasis) government issued policy documents, often because of strict interpretation so that the people feel high cold, not easy to understand. In Henan Province, the day before, the government issued the "Hongtouwenjian" to supporting the plain language interpretation. The "Mandarin" translated into "vernacular", with the masses understand the language, the people are concerned about the things clear. Henan provincial government office recently issued the "Henan province administrative policy document interpretation implementation measures", which stipulates that the policy file interpretation should be combined with the social hot, attention of the masses, the policy documents the background basis, implementation and attention, the old and the new policy document differences clearly, the relationship between policy documents and the interests of the masses speak to understand. In plain language multi angle and multi perspective, provide relevant background, case and data, the policy documents thoroughly clear, let people understand, trust, use it. Interpretation can be displayed through digital, graphical illustrations, etc., so that the interpretation of information can be seen, readable, can feel. What types of "red head documents" need to be interpreted? Including the level of Henan Province clear: involving a wide range, high degree of social concern, and the masses are closely related to the interests of the provincial government regulations; administrative normative documents of the office of the provincial government or the provincial government; administrative normative documents of the provincial government departments; the other is necessary to interpret the policy documents. In addition, the city of Henan, the county government and its departments to interpret the policy documents, but also with reference to the implementation of the above approach.相关的主题文章: