Happy 10.14 crude oil and natural gas market strategy, the closing line up with riot! brock lesnar

Happy: 10.14 crude oil and natural gas market strategy, the closing line up with riot! Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The data of natural gas of crude oil last night, a lot of friends loss, actually very simple data, data before the market up floating, floating down the big bullish bearish. Do not look at the disk technical indicators, because the data explosion is not the trend of the trial to follow the trend of the disk. You can try the above method, 100 test braun. [] the crude oil market analysis: yesterday evening, although because of the large number of sell orders and EIA inventory effect, lower oil prices, but after the EIA data showed that gasoline inventories last week and refined oil inventory reduction is greater than expected, the U.S. gasoline and heating oil futures rose more than 1[[%]], and helping to boost crude oil futures prices back above the flat. Yesterday, the basic trend of crude oil in the day, a slight rebound in the evening period, but by the pressure on the top of the 50.34 delays in breaking. EIA data released after the evening market reversal, breaking the intraday low, the high intraday high. Hour chart, the current oil price run on the rising stage, K line running on Bollinger rail, Bollinger Bands go flat, below from the Bollinger rail support, from the system average, the average upward divergence, short-term 10 day moving average support, picture index MACD MACD upward, red column kinetic energy to start shrinking, stochastic KDJ Guaitou down, Sicha down overall, oil prices continue upward momentum, above the previous high of 51.67 to suppress the attention, as the long and short watershed, suggested a rebound short. Crude oil evening operation proposal]: 1, U.S. crude oil: 50.4-50.6 interval more than a single target to see the top of the $51, stop at $50. 2, the U.S. crude oil: 51.3-51.6 interval short empty single, target to see more than $0.4, stop $0.3. [silver] spot silver market analysis: 4 hour chart, gold has been the basic trend and the bands contract K in a narrow range near $17.5, the average system under pressure, by pressing MA5, MACD speed line below the 0 axis to gather, Sicha run down trend, red column kinetic energy shrinking, KDJ cross index downward divergence operation. If the sun is comprehensive, the indicators are more vulnerable, the market outlook will shock down. Support: 17.2-17.0 resistance: 17.8-18.0 [natural gas] night market analysis: natural gas after soaring EIA last night, during the day the callback is not great, from the trend line before, before not released when the price has broken this trend line in EIA, but with soaring prices above back to the trend line, now from the trend line for a distance, so now the market will become very clear, yesterday has been out of high Powei Tuesday the formation of high point, so the top of the pressure on the night of the high 6175, below support at 6045, Asia theory相关的主题文章: