Guangzhou property market regulation of the new deal in October a second-hand house prices fell slig

The new moon in October the Guangzhou property market regulation a second-hand property prices decreased slightly for the healthy development of the market to the Guangzhou property market this year, the eleven "Golden Week" during the introduction of regulatory policy, regulation now has a full moon. The latest data released shows, whether the primary market or the secondary market, the Guangzhou property market transactions are more rational, market will continue to move forward in a healthy and stable track on October, a second-hand property price chain fell. On the other hand, with the regulatory authorities continued to force to crack down on all kinds of illegal behavior, further improve the market order. At the same time, the reporter visited also found that individual projects in the sales, there are still some vague "Maoni", buyers need to pay more attention to. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Lai Weihang sunshine house edge released the latest data show that last month Guangzhou building net turnover reached 14570 units, breaking 14000 units mark, is set in September 13573 increased slightly. At the same time a hand net signed an average price of 17155 yuan / square meters, down 4.5% from September 17961 yuan per square meter average price of net signed slightly, shows that the market in regulatory policy, continue to maintain a healthy and stable situation.  , it is worth noting that, compared with Kim Gu, just in the past October affected by the regulation, the new supply of the property market in Guangzhou showed a wait-and-see posture. According to the transit research center to incomplete statistics, in October Guangzhou a total of 29 new goods on sale, a total of 4904 units, down nearly 40% compared to September. But after the holidays, the real estate marketing action was stalled, the new push action slow, two weeks after the new little push. The supply side, Zengcheng supply the largest new goods reached 1814 units, accounting for nearly 37% of the city, while Panyu accounted for about 28% to 1388 sets in second. In addition, in the final stages of the October, Guangzhou Center District (Haizhu, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Liwan, Baiyun) for 13 consecutive days of zero net signed, and real estate NetEase sunshine house edge monitoring data show that from the beginning of November 1st, the net signed transaction has been restored. But the week net signed volume Guangzhou property market from 2076 sets to 2361 sets by 13.73%. In the secondary property market, the Guangzhou market buyers and sellers also further rational return. Guangzhou City Real Estate Association released data show that last month in Guangzhou city (including Zengcheng, Conghua) second-hand housing transaction intermediary market contributed to the new listing area and signed an area of 955 thousand and 900 square meters, 1 million 49 thousand and 600 square meters, and the data of September was essentially flat; and the transaction price was 18496 yuan square meters, a decline of 3.43%. Strict supervision: check the summary presented 20 careful people may also find recently, Guangzhou hand properties in some "exaggerated" advertising less, and the secondary intermediary shop license is the emergence of a large-scale withdrawal phenomenon. In fact, these are the relevant departments and moves to regulate trade order. The day before the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, urged all localities to further regulate real estate development business. And Guangzhou city 3相关的主题文章: