Guangzhou middle school girls Haircut relaxed order principal respect students’ personality punyu

Guangzhou middle school girls "Haircut relaxed order" principal: respect students’ personality for many beautiful little girls, the first big challenge after entering middle school have to face is to a hair cut, cut their head ear "". Reporters found that in recent years, "Haircut" many schools in Guangzhou has been quietly relaxed, including some well-known high school, "your long hair and waist, as long as the tie up is good". The past: "Haircut order" was a "nightmare" before the girls, many of Guangzhou middle school held a sports festival, the reporter found in the parade of schools, and long hair girls up. Not only in high school, many junior high school team, long hair and waist is not uncommon. In ten years ago, many secondary schools in Guangzhou, especially in the junior high school, strict demands on the length of the hair can not be over the ears of girls, for which there have been a lot of cat and mouse game. Many girls in the school, put the long hair into the collar of the dress, disguised as neat short hair". If there is moral director personally chagang, nine is to be pulled out of the Chengdu. In order to maintain a hair, there have been female students to resist, broke the news to the media. "Haircut order" is not only the girls "nightmare", many parents also expressed a headache. My mother in Guangzhou online a mother complained that every haircut, daughter are going to make a scene. Go to the barber hair cut too, a knife cut too short, non Naozhuo to cut yourself at home. The back of the hair cut, let mom cut, cut and Tucao mother cut ugly. "Every time I check my hair, I’m worried." The mother said. This requires only a fringe but eyebrow in the latest revision of the "middle school students daily code of conduct", grooming on students’ demands is "wear clean, simple and elegant, not perm, not Hair Coloring, no makeup, do not wear jewelry, boys do not have long hair, girls do not wear high heels, not required girls want to cut my hair. An old teacher told reporters, in fact, the 1994 edition of the "middle school students daily behavior norms" is not to cut my hair with this girl, but the "norm" together through the Department of education to the school, and students "daily guidance". Guidance, the students from the school, unkempt will appear a lack of respect for people, advocate the girl bobbed hair, long hair girls should also tie up hair. Therefore, many schools in accordance with the "guidance" requirements, require girls to cut short hair. Over the years, "Haircut order" has caused no small controversy. Over time, some schools are not so strict requirements. About 2008 or so, the original request to cut short hair of the school, the transition to the first day, when a high school military training requirements, after the female students stay longer, the teacher will not intervene. In recent years, the school to participate in military training is no longer required. The implementation of "Haircut" schools in the past, the Chinese middle school teachers, Guangdong experimental middle school, a middle school wide have been relaxed, there is no limit on the length of hair, but the length of over the shoulder to be tied up, in front of Liu can not cover the eyebrows. Principal: cancel the "Haircut order" is to respect students’ personality of Chinese middle school teachers vice president Xiao Zhaoyun said that the early requirements of female students with short hair. The starting point is not.相关的主题文章: