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Fun Suzhou Mudu, enjoy the joy of climbing extended weekend – tourism hiking tours for Sohu, said in addition to autumn mountain Mudu streets, ancient buildings, Yan gardens, the rainbow room, drink mountain pines Park, second mansion, and other attractions, scenic spots and Mudu, that is the spirit of rock. Lingyan mountain scenic area is located in the "show the vast crown of Jiangnan" Lingyan mountain, near the town of. Lingyanshan mountain is 182 meters, more than a hill stone. Lingyanshan rocks, old " twelve stone " or " " said eighteen stones. Because there is a " in front of the tower stone " Lingyan; Ganoderma lucidum; very famous, hence the name " lingyanshan ". Lingyanshan " Lingyan must show the Jiangnan " and crown; " ryong’am wins reputation jijue rooftop ". The main attractions are: Wu OI, moon pool, pool, beauty, Qintai Liuhua hole etc.. Into the area, rockery, bamboo, imitation is at the foot of Foshan pavilions, terraces and open halls, a small garden environment is very elegant, it still maintained the original ecological, reserved, quiet, for people, a lot of people come here, just to enjoy the mountain water, pray and pray, breathing the high negative oxygen ion the fresh air. Lingyan mountain scenic spot away from the noisy city, walking in the mountain road, along the mountain okimichi Shijiershang, a breath of fresh air blowing, instant intoxicated in the mountains, mountain in late autumn, autumn rain, to hear the ticking sound, smell the fragrance of flowers and trees in the mountains, in the land of idyllic beauty like imitation Buddha position, close your eyes, quietly feeling the most natural, the most original artistic conception, is a rare treat. Here is a wholesome journey of the soul, living in the landscape, experience life slowly, breathing lungs, release pressure and troubles in life, natural health, pick up the joy of life and passion, the heart into the nature! The sky is clean and bright, fresh air, trees, forest, and a large garden, not many tourists here, for the love of climbing people is a good choice, because it is clean, here, you can put aside the hearts of the impetuous nature, close to zero distance, deep breathing, slow travel and enjoy the quiet of the one and only in the mountains. The lingyanshan up is relatively easy, the mountain is not particularly high, the way also can worship Guanyin cave, is the heart of miss blessing! Address: Suzhou Wuzhong District City, 230 highway transportation: Metro Line 1 Mudu station next to the road can reach 64, 91, 315, Tour 4, 63, 64, 65, 43, 58, 621 lingyanshan station. In the bus station ticket ride to Pakistan Xishan, Xukou, Guangfu: lingyanshan free, lingyanshan temple incense 1 yuan coupons to walk Baixiang Bay, experience the wild reality CS if you think climbing is too monotonous, can also come to Baixiang Bay, there are plenty of outdoor items, for people who love outdoor. Is the best! Baixiang Bay is located in the western suburbs of Suzhou, north of the pool mountains, east of Mudu Town, within the group.相关的主题文章: