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Fresh fruit milkshake dessert in winter to warm your heart – and Sohu in winter, the girl heart is not afraid of the cold, energetic. The girl’s heart is still warm in winter, do not toss, not youth! November 11th: Honey hee winter new listing. As you can skip powder, 11.11 dog abuse plot, whether or not a single single, all can’t miss this on a precipice of youth and delicious feast, this winter is not cold! Look down: on the new! Hawaii pizza cold cold winter please, sunshine, beach, cactus, blue sea, a lounge chair basking in the sun to see the sea is our love. Hawaii style pizza came, take you to enjoy the tropical flavor, honey city unique Hawaii formula, you can breathe the breath of the ocean. Crispy durian durian crisp golden attractive with fresh durian flesh do stuffing, with clear levels and abnormal loose and fine workmanship pastry, is inviting. A bite of loose delicious durian flavor, taste good. Cattle can be cold to hot sweet durian dessert is winter sprite, fresh avocado and appear in the menu, with a charming and sweet durian. A spoon down, the Q bomb, durian rich avocado and fresh, not like the delicious. New York hot cocoa 100% pure cocoa powder, the spike of the market on the artificial cocoa, delicate, smooth, sweet, authentic is the honey has been the pursuit of the perfect. It is said that this day 11.11 single Wang eat chocolate will be poisoned, but New York hot cocoa can’t kill you, will make you more sweet, more active, more radiant. Red bean paste, sesame paste, walnut peel sweet sweet not for you to red beans, boil into lingering appetite, then share, will be more aware of Acacia tenderness. A bowl of beans, sesame paste, a sweet boiled sweet winter… The long cold season also belongs to the orange orange, good orange, fresh Green Tea, collocation into Yan value and taste the same product, heaven is a synonym for a cup of orange yo. Coconut Juice wild wild wheat straw particle dew appeared in the city and its people crowd, Coconut Juice encounter the achievements of a good product coconut flavor, coarse particle magic, ate and drank and you will find it in the inner world, resonate beyond the monologue. Rose sugar ginger tea continuation of last winter warmth, the perfect combination of roses, ginger, brown sugar and tea, for your girl, warm body beauty! Durian fruit milkshake milkshake, avocado, banana milkshake three fresh mango milkshake milkshake, hot or cold. The fresh fruit, a thief thief expensive expensive durian, fresh avocado, mango and banana are affordable… With milk turned into Mack Daddy: fruit milkshake. Fresh fruit and milk the proportion of gold collocation, cool cool super healthy, pure hand without adding. Honey: Honey dessert shop Changsha hee hee (Longchi dessert shop) 0731-84862278 Changsha City People’s Road West of Longchi No. 55 Pedestrian Street Center Plaza hee (DESI shop) honey dessert 07 floor相关的主题文章: