French police forces cut women’s Achilles tendon rupture to get through life channel jiqingwuyuetian

French police forces cut women’s Achilles tendon rupture to get through life channel according to the Xiamen Daily reported yesterday at 2 pm, this sudden scene happen in the lives of lianqianxi Zhao lady. Typhoon ruthless, Love Island, joint police through the passage of life, Ms. Zhao finally turned the corner. Typhoon night wild storms, trees blocking the road, the road is almost paralyzed, emergency vehicles can not arrive in time. At this time, Zhao, because of bleeding, more and more weak. At that time, my son and I were at home, his son was scared, and quickly ran to the neighbor for help." Speaking of the night scene, Ms. Zhao could not help choking. Due to excessive bleeding, her consciousness gradually clear, neighbors quickly pressed for her to stop bleeding, and beat her face, talking to encourage her to avoid her into a coma. Unit colleagues know, hastened to call 110 for help, and make up for help information forwarded by WeChat, the circle of friends. Qiu Qinghua as a doctor to see the information, the first time to call, Ms. Zhao taught bleeding method. "Calls for medical assistance, please call Dr. qiu." Qiu Qinghua also through the newspaper WeChat micro-blog as well as personal circle of friends, in a timely manner to take the initiative to open the phone number of individuals, to help those who need help. At this time, Lianqian police station received 110 orders, also immediately and contact Ms. Zhao, rushed to the scene. However, residential power outages, lift "strike", in order to shorten the rescue time, the property staff Zhang Zhao back without demur, and from the 8 floor all the way back down. "The whole area is dark, we find the police one by one floor, finally sent me on a police car, went to the hospital to rush." Finally, Ms. Zhao was successfully sent to the hospital, "I want to thank all those who helped me, I really appreciate them, they saved my life……"相关的主题文章: