Free game Guild Wars 2 is free to open the glory limit ricky lee neely

Free game? "Fighting 2" glory limited free will open 9.2 CGWR score novice card booking | Guild Wars 2 area news September 14th, fantasy epic masterpiece "MMORPG" officially announced the upcoming 2 Battle limit free, game player through the free qualification, can be free to activate the game, enjoy unlimited free play games, get free play qualification game player the content of the game can also be upgraded by way of purchase. Spacious scene, perfect and exquisite game picture, so that every battle can bring visual enjoyment; more than 2000 of point map, covering half a continent; the immediate scene, at any time for you to change the world; weapons decision skills, infinite vivid real sense of combat experience; five nine race, occupation, race scores, countless family inheritance; the battle of the century great thousand battlefield, dozens of siege equipment, to restore the true fierce collision of siege warfare; task to change the fate of the epic story of the one and only open everyone; without occupation restrictions, to break the traditional occupation bottleneck, open characteristic skills, create at the same time Almighty occupation; join a guild, so you are no longer alone in the face of battle. The new jungle map, day and night cycles, as if in the real sense of the Amazon jungle world; specialization growth system, let fly is no longer just a dream, a legendary weapon Xinshou pinch, fighting more easily; the mysterious ninth occupation, the hero to awaken the past to get its power, can attack and defend, dazzling gorgeous skill effects, wins soul; specialty system in different occupation as the basis, to integrate more weapons, skills, characteristics, mechanism, fuzzy boundary occupation, let every hero more game player personal characteristics. The new world map, the terrain is more complex, more towering cliff, the road more dangerous, battlefield random events every three hours, so that the outcome of the battle more unknown, full of excitement. Game player can also challenge the large underground city to get rich rewards, the underground city has 3 related raid area, game player needs 10 people to challenge the team three powerful BOSS very hard to beat. A member of the association of the exclusive territory — guild hall, an increase of eight permanent effects, making Taiwan Professional Association, won the battle, declared territory, these functions allow guild members can better play each other’s strengths, and protect their homes, in addition to the traditional PVP, and MOBA play the stronkhold. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: