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For the second child family, the 7 seat SUV is a false proposition? Sohu – car because their friends and family gave birth to a second child or child is more, to buy a 7 seat SUV to explore this problem many times, I have come to this conclusion: 7 SUV is not suitable as the only child family car, for the following reasons: 1, the second family consider at 7 SUV, mainly on family travel are sitting next to this point. But in fact, the usual driving is the main one, more than 90% of the time, a man drove a 7 car, is undoubtedly a great waste. 2, the real family travel, you will find third rows of little people, two child safety seat in the last row, the child will take place very inconvenient, there is no middle seat seat; if the child safety seat in the second row, the parents sat in the third row is aggrievedly. 3, take the baby out of the parents know how many things, such as big trolleys, higher requirements on the trunk of the car space. 7 SUV if the third row seat up, trunk space become flawed; if you don’t turn up, the storage space is very large — but you lose 7 seat meaning. So, I think the 7 seat SUV although it looks beautiful, but for the real needs of the child families, it is a practical general pseudo proposition. Then the two families, and how to choose? I personally suggested: 1 more realistic approach is to purchase the existing hand, no matter what kind of car, if no major complaints, the purchase of a space vehicle demands relatively clear, more practical choice is the purchase of a medium or medium SUV SUV, the two seat installation this demands in a larger space for the car, take the baby out of this car, usually use another car commuting. Advantages: purchase of this 1+1, in fact, is a more realistic approach, because the 7 seat all filled the probability is very small, when the real family travel, two cars can hold enough luggage, enough of the family members; and on weekdays, you can according to the actual demand in a free combination; large space models, another car can choose personalized models, can also choose strong environmental protection models, optional room is very large. Disadvantages: the parking spaces for the family to put forward a test, in addition, the purchase of the city’s license to obtain difficulties, this program is more expensive. 2 if because of the shortcomings of the purchase plan, and can only choose to buy (or buy) the only family car, it is strongly recommended to buy a MPV model. Because the 7 SUV is 5 + 2 (SO 2 ease of use is not high), and 7 MPV is 2+2+3, two rows of comfort is stronger than the sedan, third rows of three people who are qualified, whether in the second row or third row seat installation, the crew will be more comfortable. Advantages: MPV is the most suitable for the child family car, but no matter as the only car or second car, third cars are very I相关的主题文章: