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Film and television drama common   why so much controversy? – Culture – People’s original title: why is this common provoke controversy? The network broke after fermentation, Yang Yang’s "Wu," the crew issued a statement to respond to the matter. In "Yang Yang smiled very little" in. Andy Lau and his avatar can be deceptive. The stunt man and Li Yifeng are a bit different, and it’s time to play the back. There are friends broke the scene in the cast Yang Yang personally beat the scene play photos. Ada Choi’s husband, Zhang Jin, had been a soldier of the army of Alyssa Chia. This is the "Zhi" in Qingyun Zhao Liying’s stand, but also for the quiet of Baguio, She Ji Tian Ling, and other roles. Recently, a public number broke the news, said: Yang Yang recently shot in Xiangshan drama, used as a substitute for 3 days, he did not play!" At the same time, the public also released a TV drama "martial universe" shooting notice, the notice shows single Yang Yang had three days for filming. Broke the news quickly triggered heated online debate, but the crew and producers rushed denied this statement, said Yang Yang not only all the scenes in the movie and personally into battle, with injuries without complaint. In fact, for the star with a substitute, the industry view is not consistent, some people think that the use of avatars in order to better complete the shooting, but also very dissatisfied with the phenomenon of abuse of the part of the star replacement. Author: Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss Yang Yang in its "double storm" concern and cast film sound behind the public, recently claimed that Yang Yang in the filming crew for three days. And many other actors are bothered to use avatars. Subsequently, Yang Yang used to substitute one thing quickly boarded the hot search network, there have been a fan of Yang Yang for clarification, said it is in line with other star around and read the script, "on November 20th, director Zhang Li is not in the crew, the actor does not have the task of filming, all the actors are responsible for playing go for light". But the explanation did not dampen the heat topic, the topic of continuous fermentation. The network broke after fermentation, Yang Yang’s "Wu move back" the crew issued a statement to respond to the matter. The statement said: since starring Yang Yang into the group, all the players personally battle." The crew also said it would have released video footage and wonderful stills to the public. That night, "Wu," producer of media interview, he said in each crew shooting are used not only in the use of avatars, Yang Yang, broke the distorted relationship and double actor, stunt work is in the process of creation, for scheduling test flight, actors have their own emotional performance. He also said, Yang Yang forget the words, the crew changed the script, the news is not true. In addition, the movie "III ten peach" producer micro-blog SA Zhi Lei also said that Yang Yang dedicated, Yang Yang because the injured arm hanging wire, purple, a touch of pain. The micro-blog, Yang Yang’s arm had severe swelling, some places have blue. SA Zhi Lei said: "all injuries hasn’t come out, everyone is afraid of love and blame…… But some good actors on marketing efforts so dedicated, rumors have been unscrupulous, if silence is to help Zhou)相关的主题文章: