Even the old drivers do not know the car trap does not look to wait for a loss (video) gigolos

Even the old trap car drivers do not know the look and see at 4S stores carry the vehicle flow "National Father Wang Jian (see figures in the latest news) Lin Fengqing light that" give yourself a small goal, first make one hundred million ", inspired many people to struggle. So we should respond to the call to develop a small goal? For example, there is a car. For those who had a car owners living new car owners, car from that moment, the car became a member of the family, since every year also need to take care of care. But the new car owners do not know mentioning the car is also a trap. Many of the old drivers know the secret can not be ignored, otherwise it unwise. 1, check the appearance of the new car parked in front of a lot of people are the first time to choose to take pictures. As everyone knows, do a detailed examination of the vehicle is more important than to keep "kakaka" more. All you need to do is check the car around the corner for a week. In particular, the vehicle has no scratches, cracks, etc.. These minor "scars" if not properly tested, there will be a place where you cry. 2, check the vehicle information when checking the appearance, you can’t wait to take a ride? The moment is not impatient. This time, you need to be identified". General vehicle "ID card", that is, the date of delivery of the vehicle logo will be affixed to the bottom of the right front door, there are also under the driver’s seat. It records the date of delivery, total quality, engine power and so on. It can prove that your car is the year of the factory, whether the inventory of vehicles and other information. In general, the car within a year is not a stock car, if more than two years, then you have to talk to the 4S shop. 3, check the car interior can finally sit in the car, I believe the owners are excited. Even if the new car smell will be as a "tangy flavor". Excited to return to excitement, or to get a good look at the car interior. The first test car within the physical buttons, see resilience is the same as a screen in the control car to check whether there are bright spots, screen point, color etc.. The problem then check the leather velvet seat has no scratches, line etc.. That is to say, all hands can be touched and all electronic controls are checked. 4, in addition to the determination of the factory data to determine the dashboard pointer or LCD screen can maintain normal work, the instrument panel displays the number of kilometers to pay special attention to. Every car in the factory to go through the road test, it will produce a number of kilometers, but generally within 100 km, up to no more than 200 km, too many kilometers can not be normal. 5, determine the commencement time many owners bought new car for the first time is to enjoy a convenient life after the car, but don’t forget to put the car in the auto insurance will take effect on the night of the day only 12, before this, some small scrape will be out of pocket, so the technology is not perfect friends, the best car please don’t take the car accident prone environment. I believe many of my friends have to put the car in the car as soon as possible, but a lot of friends in happy when you mention the car, it is easy to forget to mention the car which require attention, so as to cause unnecessary trouble later, do not want to encounter these troubles.相关的主题文章: