Early autumn of the fire is so fast and sexy body weight and vegetables to eat out zuczug

Early autumn of the fire is so fast and sexy body weight and vegetables eat out lead: our side there is a group of people, often complain that I always eat fat, in fact, this is because you don’t choose the food. If you can choose these vegetables, to ensure that not only do not eat fat can eat more thin, together to see what kind of vegetables! (source: posters fashion network) 1, long-term consumption of spinach spinach dish can meet the daily needs of vitamin K and lutein body, while spinach also contain plenty of vitamin C and potassium, the muscle and heart are very good. How to eat more spinach soup to lose weight lose weight: do mushrooms or fried spinach, but one day up to 500 grams of spinach. 2, tomatoes just 13 cups of pure virgin Tomato Juice can meet the needs of all human daily vitamin A and vitamin C, in addition, its unique tomato citric acid can promote sugar metabolism sour, can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, promote gastrointestinal motility, to help fat burning. How to eat more weight loss: tomato juice, in the evening can be added as a vegetable diet, improve your satisfaction with the food. 3, asparagus is rich in magnesium, is the body’s energy booster, even if the taste is slightly poor can be completely ignored. In addition, the dietary fiber content of asparagus is rich, it is helpful to relieve constipation, asparagus, hypertension, fatigue, edema, obesity and other diseases have a certain effect. How to eat more weight: Asparagus, asparagus can be fried mushrooms. Note that the asparagus do not fry too much, otherwise it is not delicious, but also with hot water boiled, usually one minute enough. 4 green vegetables not only for health benefits, but also lose weight the best food, vegetables can replenish nutrients, it contains a lot of cellulose can reduce the sense of fasting, and excess garbage can help you remove the body, to achieve detoxification slimming. How to eat more vegetables to lose weight lose weight: choose vegetables into the soup, vegetables and egg decoction have a flavor. Of course, vegetables can be fried, but need to add less salt. 5, broccoli and broccoli are rich in dietary fiber, fiber can hinder the absorption of food in the stomach, fiber swelling, can form a larger volume, bring a sense of satiety, helps to reduce food intake, and has certain effect on weight control. How to eat more to lose weight: eat can eat cold boiled water. Fried shrimps with broccoli provide abundant protein, as long as the less put some oil on OK, broccoli porridge is also a good choice. 6, kale is rich in vitamin K, lutein and vitamin C, vitamin K helps enhance coagulation function, beneficial to the eyes of lutein, vitamin C is the essential nutrients the immune system, heart, skin and many other organs. How to lose weight: eat more kale can Vegetable Salad eat, with vinegar, olive oil, Orange Juice, black pepper, salt and mix evenly, and part of Vegetable & Fruit mixed evenly, usually in large supermarkets in the city will see kale figure. 7, corn and corn are crude fiber food, corn fiber content than fine.相关的主题文章: