Dongfeng Citroen power naming new push puretech strategy (video) lm3886

Dongfeng Citroen power for the new push PureTech strategy named [Abstract] Dongfeng Citroen future two using the "PureTech" logo, replacing the "traditional engines" in the +T to promote the PureTech strategy, Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) will fit for all new vehicle turbocharged engine with advanced and efficient transmission, use the "PureTech" logo, replacing the "traditional way of engine displacement +T, the right part of the new logo will be placed in the vehicle front grille, this update will be completed in the Dongfeng Citroen all models before the end of 2017. The new name represents a new meaning. For example, the new C4L two engine 1.2THP, 1.6THP will be renamed 230THP PURETECH, 350THP PURETECH. The first digit represents the engine series: 1 for entry-level, 2 core level, 3 for high grade, 4 for top grade; second and third for the last two digits of the torque value, four to five homes to ten digits; three digit true expression reflects the overall performance parameters of powertrain technology and the perfect fit; "THP" refers to the heritage of the original advanced technology. Through the new naming, consumers can intuitively determine what kind of car to buy their own positioning, but also can be more intuitive to buy their own models. The new C4L with the new C4L as an example, the new C4L T after the listing, inherited the PureTech strategy of DPCA’s, with its third generation STT and 230THP350THP equipped with six speed tiptronic, to further strengthen the competitiveness. From the name change can be seen, the new C4L market soon canceled the launch entry models, entry-level directly to the listing of the core products as 230THP PureTech, the official guide price of 134 thousand and 900 to start. Compared to the old and new C4L230THP starting price of 5000 yuan, while the configuration is more than 6000 yuan. The new C4L350THP compared to the old start price is also low 10000 yuan, and the configuration increased by $9000. BITAUTO experience Xiao Xian tour Guilin 1.2T new C4L enough of course, as the dragon company E strategy comprehensive upgrade PureTech strategy to the existing engines, transmissions and other powertrain products, continuous improvement and upgrading of technology, 1.2THP, 1.6THP, further 1.8THP turbocharged direct injection engine, fully with 6MT (6 speed manual transmission) and AT6III (6 speed manual gearbox) transmission for better adaptation. The current PureTech power system has been fully equipped with the C6, C5, C4L, C4 (New Sega ginseng, pictures, inquiry), C3-XR models, the new logo will shine before the end of 2017 and gradually completed. In the future, under the impetus of the PureTech strategy, will also introduce more and more power assembly and new energy systems. Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent car.相关的主题文章: