Do not let these kinds of old people to help you with the child, the destruction of a child’s life! tataufo

Do not let these kinds of old people to help you with the child, the destruction of a child’s life! Sohu maternal and child will be handed over to the elderly to take care of the family, which is a lot of parenting patterns of Chinese parents, but the family is really competent to educate the child’s responsibility? These types of old people are not suitable to help you with children, please parents carefully! 1, the child table held responsibility for the child hit the table and fell, the old man rushed to the child cried up, "beat it, table buguai, hit the baby, hit it……" Is it a child or a child? This teaching, let the children is not divided, grew up, often their own mistakes and blame to the environment or others, such children, not good at summing up and self correction, it will eventually become self deception. 2, to encourage children to lie daughter sweet mouth, mother asked: do you eat? She thought, said: eat. Then grandpa rushed out and said: you traitor, I told you not to tell your mother, you also told your mother. Mom know, can’t conflict with the old man, had to press the mood, with the child said: must be honest with her mother, eat is to eat, mom is not allowed to eat you understand? The second day, the children eat candy, ask mother, daughter, wondering for a long time, want to say: I eat or not eat? She didn’t know what to say. On the one hand, the child is afraid of her grandfather said she was a traitor, on the one hand, afraid of her mother worried. You see, the child is born diplomat, so many parents found that children can read. They will look at what their grandparents allowed, if Mom and dad do not allow them to go, instead of looking for grandparents. 3, to deceive the child, you will eat this bowl of rice, grandma, and so on to take you to buy sugar, you go to bed, Grandpa will take you to the park tomorrow"…… The children full of joy, after going to bed, but Grandma and grandpa deliberately will promise to forget, or simply say "the next time you buy", "next time you take you to play", children also have self-esteem, cheated more, will develop the habit of doubt, and gradually learn to deceive others. 4, forcing the child to eat the old concept is that the child is best. The old man always want the child to eat very much, so the habit of feeding, and even chasing feed. Some children do not want to eat, the elderly with snacks coax, threats and inducements to verbally threaten "don’t eat me let the police arrested you", with animated cartoon lure…… In fact, the more forced, the more the exclusion of children to eat, but also cause children to eat snacks, watching TV bad habits. 5, there is no limit to the children to eat snacks a crying child, what sugar, soda, snacks are given to the children to eat, love the child to the point of control. The old man does not know what food additives, but also do not know the harm to children’s health snacks, but do not know the damage to the child’s brain additives. 6, limit the children most often told the children to explore the elderly, slowly run, don’t fall. Half a year later, in fact, is often the grandpa and grandma a little attention, there is no child swiftly. So the old man was afraid: I just hugged him. Often holding a child can lead to相关的主题文章: