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Chinese Ministry issued 29 measures to combat fraud – communication information Beijing News Agency in Beijing on 7 November, (reporter Liu Yuying) following the six ministries issued "to prevent and combat fraud in the telecommunications network of the notice" after the implementation of the views of the Ministry of industry and information technology Chinese 7, further to prevent and combat fraud information communication. In addition to the real name system to further emphasize, the Ministry will also vigorously implement the protection of personal information. The new release of opinions from phone users to implement real name system, rectify and standardize the focus of telecom services, regulation network gaihao and enhance technology to prevent and combat ability, strengthen the industry user’s personal information protection, strengthen social supervision and publicity and education, strengthen supervision and accountability, strengthen the prevention of job security governance in eight aspects: 29 measures. Compared with six ministries documents, the new release of the 7 comments more refined and more operational. Opinions requirements, before the end of 2016 the real name rate reached 100%, when the user does not complete the real name authentication will be stopped. To handle network users through the network channels, opinions requirements, required by the video technology verification of identity. The Ministry also requires the completion of security self-examination personal information system of basic telecommunications companies, mobile resale companies and Internet companies before the end of November, the handling of illegal sale, disclosure of personal information very seriously. Experts refer to the government and the market mechanism once the security vulnerabilities or "ghost" steal, easy to cause a lot of personal information disclosure. A lot of people in the personal information has been leaked dark state, hear the criminals accurately tell the name, address and other personal information, it is very easy to listen to cheated. On the same day, the NPC Standing Committee voted through the network security method, especially to increase the relevant provisions of punishment of Internet fraud, the provisions of the personal information protection requirements, network operators should take technical measures and other necessary measures to ensure the security of personal information collection, prevent information leakage, damage and loss. According to the Ministry of public security data, this year 1 to September, Chinese public security organs cracked telecommunications network fraud cases since 77 thousand, illegal crime personnel 43 thousand, an increase of 2.3 times, confiscated the stolen cash and goods worth RMB 2 billion 340 million yuan, for the public to avoid the loss of 4 billion 750 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: