China’s aging population will account for 14 of the world’s pension industry into a gold mine

Chinese aging population will account for 14 of the world’s pension industry into a "gold mine" of the original title: the future of China’s aging population accounted for 1 of the world 4  "silver economy" into "outlet" China has become one of the world’s most populous country in the elderly, one of the country’s aging population the fastest development, which has brought rapid development opportunities for the pension industry, and to attract developers, professional pension institutions of all capital stop concern. The future of the aging population accounted for 1411 of the world held in Guangzhou on the third session of the international China Aging Industry Expo, Hao Fuqing, deputy director of the division of social development and Reform Commission said, China and the world almost simultaneously into the aging society, but China’s aging rate is two times the world average level, by the middle of the century, 60 over the age of our population will account for 14 of the world. Data show that as of the end of 2015, China’s elderly people over the age of 65 the proportion of the total population of 10.5%, has exceeded the international standard of aging; elderly population is expected to 2020 will increase to 260 million; to 2030, China’s elderly population will for the first time exceeded the juvenile population; by 2050 the elderly population will reach 400 million people, and keep 400 million people scale. With the deepening of China’s aging society, the pension industry as a major health topics in the field of subdivision, is considered to be the next "tuyere" and "gold mine"". Pension industry mainly includes four aspects of pension services, pension real estate, pension finance and pension supplies. However, due to China’s pension industry is still in the early stages of development, there is no clear business model. Diao Haifeng, director of the National Office of aging propaganda 11, in an interview with the first financial daily and other media interview, said that China’s aging and the aging of the world’s basic synchronization, but the supporting is relatively backward. For example, the elderly community service, we are too extensive, the breadth of our services for the elderly, the intensity is far worse, the service variety is also relatively simple. In terms of security, service capabilities are far away." He introduced, compared to pension products, pension services industry is a significant short board in the development of China’s pension industry. Now China’s elderly spend more frugal, willing to buy the product, but do not want to buy the service, so the company should also be able to understand the concept of the elderly to update the concept, to guide the elderly willing to pay for the service." However, with the development of economy and society, the pension service market is becoming more and more popular. "The basic needs of the elderly, the demand for the elderly is expanding. Before the liberation and the liberation of born after the birth of the difference is very large, the future 10 years later, in 60s after the birth of the elderly consumption concept is not the same, so the pension service is a common process of new demand, is in constant development, we should keep up with the rhythm." Diao Haifeng told reporters. Home care and community services in May 27th this year, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on the situation and Countermeasures of China’s population aging thirty-second collective learning. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed the need to focus on the development of pension services and aging industry. The elderly population in China相关的主题文章: