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China ASEAN on the South China Sea sign two big results file America abacus fall – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Li Keqiang and ASEAN leaders cut the cake together. In September 7, 2016, the nineteenth China ASEAN summit in Vientiane ended. Although the United States by some ASEAN countries and Chinese trying to fish in troubled waters in the South China Sea dispute, to render Chinese threat in the South China Sea, and the South China Sea countries China provoke conflict, that the United States will never abandon the allies, continue to cruise in the South China sea. But whether it is the summit of ASEAN leaders, or the summit of ASEAN and other leaders, there is no mention of the South China Sea arbitration case. Especially in the China and ASEAN Summit held on 7 at the end of the published "China and the ASEAN countries to respond to maritime emergency hotline diplomatic official guidelines" and "Chinese platform with the ASEAN countries on the use of" Joint Declaration "meet the rules of maritime accidents in the South China Sea Ming". The significance of the above consensus reached by China and ASEAN to reach the consensus of the two maritime issues is the result of joint efforts of all parties concerned, and the further deepening of the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China sea. These two results show that China has consistently advocated the peaceful settlement of differences in the South China Sea through political negotiations to get the understanding and support of ASEAN parties. At the ASEAN summit, not only the other ASEAN members did not publicly mention the South China Sea arbitration, even in promoting the internationalization of the South China Sea on the performance of the most active in Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea dispute about when the tone was very different from before. The president of Philippines, publicly declared that Philippines is not a puppet of the United States, he is only responsible for the people of Philippines, and announced the willingness to negotiate with China to resolve the South China Sea dispute. The VNA is issued a document that the provisions of Chinese hope and ASEAN in respect of 1982 "United Nations Convention on the law of the sea", made no mention of the South China Sea arbitration. Previously, Vietnamese President Chen Daguan and Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu has to ambassador Hong Xiaoyong and Prime Minister Li Keqiang expressed willingness to peaceful settlement of disputes through negotiations on the basis of respect for international law, especially Premier Ruan Chunfu met with Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Ulan Bator made it clear: more understanding and respect China position on the South China Sea on arbitration, arbitration that Vietnam in the South China Sea the case of the pros and cons of understanding is more clear. This is the two consensus in both sides were the same to achieve, it shows that the dual mechanism of Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed in June 2014 has gradually obtained the ASEAN and Vietnam and the Philippines and other dispute parties agree, into the implementation phase. A Chinese ASEAN two consensus, is an important achievement Chinese unremittingly advocates peaceful diplomacy, it not only makes the United States attempt to use the South China Sea issue Xieguo ASEAN Chinese abacus gone to waste containment, and is conducive to the South China Sea crisis management, can effectively prevent the further escalation of the dispute, the possible conflicts in the initial stage. Margin reached consensus? The above two consensus reached by the China ASEAN leaders meeting is completed under the premise that the United States and other regional powers have been destroyed. What is the reason for the ASEAN countries in the South China Sea issue and the United States and Japan and other regional powers will have such a big difference? In.相关的主题文章: