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Children need to avoid misunderstandings on food   recommend 5 nutrition recipes – Food Channel — original title: children need to avoid misunderstandings on food nutrition recipes recommend 5 children in the golden period of growth and development in how to eat best? To ensure the child’s growth and development, we must first make a reasonable arrangement of the daily diet, and to understand what nutrients are essential to children. Today, we support the child growth, introduces how to eat it. Nutrient elements needed to heat the child growth: a child’s body surface area is large, The new supersedes the old. is very strong, so the basic metabolism speed is very fast, and the infant body composition must synthesize more for its rapid growth, so the heat needed is more. Birth per kilogram of body weight about 25 calories. Protein: protein per kilogram of body weight of 1.8 to 2.4 grams, mainly to provide children with the needs of the construction of new tissue and tissue. Fat: in addition to providing a considerable amount of calories, the most important thing is to provide essential fatty acids to provide children’s growth and development needs and to maintain the health of the skin. DHA is one of the essential nutrients for the growth of children, as an essential fatty acids, it enhances the child’s memory and thinking, brain development and other special effects, as well as to improve the role of vision. Vitamins: children with general vitamin supplements can be obtained from daily food or other nutritional supplements. Like VA can help promote children’s physical development, strong bones; VD can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, contribute to bone and dental health. Minerals: infants born 4 months later, because the body has been stored in advance of the body has been used by the body, must be appropriate to add iron nutrients to meet the body’s needs for iron. Calcium can promote the body’s growth and bone development. Want to help your child to pay attention to nutritional supplements oh. A child’s development to avoid misunderstanding eating milk + egg for breakfast: breakfast without actually Cereals, such as Steamed Buns, Rice porridge noodles, etc., very easy to affect the development of the child’s height. In addition, the children drink milk, it is best to drink a small amount of water to clean the mouth. For the children to eat more calcium: calcium experts believe that the infant body is not a calcium deficiency, but the lack of the calcium absorbed by the body of vitamin D. Rather than spend to buy calcium, rather than Sibu, or buy a small amount of Cod Liver Oil drops dripping in the mouth of a child. Baby nutrition depends entirely on " soup " no matter what soup, soup nutrition than meat itself. The soup is delicious, but only with a small amount of protein decomposition of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and little fat. Bean vegetables: actually, soy products can be regarded as a meat dish, if the child eats meat and tofu, vegetables will lack the nutrients. Dry stool just eat bananas: eat these are not completely effective, the most important thing is to make the children develop good bowel habits, defecation time to relatively fixed. The viscera is equal to the liver: animal offal for the development of children, many parents try to give their children to eat the liver, thought that on the line. In fact, the animal’s internal organs also include the heart, lungs, and waist, and the liver is often present相关的主题文章: