British experts worry that the monitoring equipment Chinese or Chinese control every word and action doat

British experts worry that the monitoring equipment Chinese or Chinese control: every word and action data figure: Western troops have large network original title: domestic surveillance camera’s concerns about British experts or Chinese: every word and action control of the British "times" published on the front page 16 published reports, Hikvision has become the biggest supplier of enterprise Chinese British CCTV cameras. The sale of equipment more than 1 million. These monitoring devices are installed in large cities in the UK, government office buildings and transportation hub. The survey showed that the authorities did not make a national security assessment of its operations in the United kingdom. The British security experts said that some day in the future, the British people are likely to Chinese in every word and action control. In the UK, CCTV cameras can be seen everywhere, the various departments are set up according to their needs of the camera monitoring network. It is estimated that there are about 2 million 500 thousand surveillance cameras to monitor the lives of the british. It is also said that the actual number is much greater. British Daily Mail reported that, according to data from research institutions, in just 4 years, the Chinese company’s products have accounted for the United Kingdom closed circuit TV camera market share of 14%. The newspaper quoted former chairman of the British Parliament’s security committee, as saying that the British government should conduct in-depth investigation of such products. Because once these devices were from Beijing network attack, impact on the UK infrastructure will be unbearable to contemplate. Enkesite in charge of former British six military operations and intelligence of "the times" said that many of the company’s China camera can automatically identify the vehicle license, vehicle tracking for mobile information, and can be connected through the Internet, "which have been used to make a very dangerous thing yin". "Global Times" reporter 17 in Hikvision’s official website to see the company’s products and solutions are used in over more than and 100 countries and regions, in the Beijing Olympic Games, play an important role in major security programs in the United States of Philadelphia, South Korea, Seoul Ping Ping Community of Brazil City, the World Cup venues, Italy and Linate Airport. Was generally recognized outside the industry. Some British public service departments also expressed confidence in Chinese products. The local government’s Smith in London in an interview with British media said, do not think there will be security concerns to install the camera. London Underground Ltd responded that never connect these cameras and the Internet, they do not think there is network security issues.相关的主题文章: