Britain, a pregnant woman fell downstairs unconscious 3 year old daughter calm alarm for help!

A British pregnant mother fell downstairs and coma 3 years old daughter calm distress alarm! – Sohu mother three year old child generally will only play, do not have the capacity to respond to emergencies, but some children will have extraordinary performance. In the UK, with a baby’s mother fell down the stairs, 3 year old girl dialed calls for help, but the small voice is calm freely, and ultimately save the mother. The incident occurred in November, when 3 year old girl Emma and mother of two people to stay at home, when she saw her mother fell down the stairs remain unconscious, immediately call 999, and calmly and shows the scene Maurice operator. Emma in the nearly 10 minute telephone conversation with not only to say her status as the "mother no bleeding but she bumped her head, her belly has a baby, but also told Maurice where they lived in. When the paramedics arrived, they told Maurice that the "green" ambulance had come. Look at the wiring staff Maurice and 3 year old Emma’s phone records: "this is the emergency center, may I ask what is the matter?"……" "Your mother fell down the stairs?" "she has a baby."." "Wait a minute, she has a baby?"." "Is Mommy falling down the stairs with the baby?" "yes."." "All right, honey, we need to help mommy. Can you come to Mommy? "" I’m by her side." "You’re next to Mommy, Mommy still breathing?" "yes."." "Mommy’s breathing, isn’t it?" "Okay, baby, wait for me. You have to listen to the phone, I will not hang up, you know? How old is the baby?." "The baby is still in Mommy’s tummy, OK, honey, do you know where mommy’s going to hurt? Is there anything else besides his head?"." "No?. Mommy’s eyes open? Is she talking to you? "" she’s going to sleep now." "She’s asleep again, huh?. Emma, the ambulance is coming. I’ll talk to you all the time. I want you to look at mommy and see if she’s breathing. Do you know what that means?." Emma’s mother, Bazard, was sent to the hospital, successfully stopped the symptoms of placental rupture, and weeks after the successful birth of the younger brother of the younger brother of the mother of the disease, and then gave birth to the younger brother of the younger brother of the younger brother of the younger brother, after the birth of her brother in the next seven weeks. Emma family was invited to attend the local ambulance station awards ceremony, and meet with the conductor Maurice. Maurice thinks Emma is really smart and capable of providing a lot of useful information on the phone. Emma’s mother Bazard said, that is the daughter of the calm alarm to save yourself and let her very touched, but when she learned that her 3 year old daughter can confidently manage on the phone, she felt even more pleased. Parents should do some children early emergency treatment knowledge.相关的主题文章: