Blizzard said watch pioneer will not join mini map because useless

Blizzard said watch pioneer will not join the mini map because there is now almost all games have a "mini map", and it is for online game enthusiasts is an indispensable tool, because it can make the game player to quickly understand their position and situation. "Watch pioneer (Overwatch)" as an online FPS, but did not have this feature, which makes a lot of people feel very wonderful. Since the date of its sale, the requirements of blizzard in the "watch pioneer" to join the voice of the mini map has not stopped. Recently, the "pioneer" watch production director Jeff Kaplan on officially on this issue responded: Blizzard will not agree to this request because the game player, the function in the "watch pioneer" simply useless. "We asked us to join the" mini map of the watch pioneer "is hoping to solve the problem of path planning, but we believe in similar to the" pioneer "of this watch has a small map of the FPS game to join the mini map does not have much help to the game player, to play a few familiar with the route the more efficient." Kaplan Jeff explains. He added: "if we really promised you requested to join the mini map" watch pioneer ", then they will certainly let the game player mini map more and more details and related properties of join (especially with the opponent, which will deviate from the original intention): originally intended to mini map help game player new entry, to finally became a very high technology content of competitive tools. We don’t want that." Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: