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Beijing – VIDEO – foreign media reporters praised the G20 summit in Hangzhou news media reporters praised the G20 summit in Hangzhou news [comment] in September 2nd, second days of the G20 summit in Hangzhou News Center officially started, about 5000 journalists from more than and 70 countries and regions have gathered in Hangzhou to work with a "China G20 reports the wind" elements of the news center. 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit aims to build an innovative, dynamic, interactive, inclusive world economy, several foreign media reporters to share their concerns. In the same period, I have a series of topics of interest to G20, such as health care, global health governance, immigration in conflict areas, and even gender equality. During the same period, the Swiss new Zurich newspaper reporter’s prospects for globalization, such as the British referendum off Europe, as well as the u.s.. There will be held during the G20 Olympic games. Canadian correspondent for global development issues, such as the transfer of global military resources, arms race and development issues. [comment] the elegant blue tones of the news center, the main venue of the summit is located in a layer, a total area of 15000 square meters, which can accommodate 5000 journalists, hundreds of little charge to provide volunteer services for the. News Center has a desk, a public work area, a special work area, news release area, interview area, dining area, 14 languages, 24 hours instant messaging translation is to facilitate the work of foreign media reports. Here, China rich culture and characteristics of Hangzhou landscape ornaments everywhere, Chinese and foreign reporters without going to work in the West Lake "good Shuiguang glittering sunny side" in the mood. Foreign media reporters on the news center service measures are given a high degree of evaluation. [in the same period] the service of the press service of the Canada Post is in place, everything is well organized, and highlights the characteristics of Hangzhou. The food here is very delicious, I want to do plenty of preparation in Hangzhou, including tea area, work, live video is also very smooth, in the activities of the organization well. [over] the Swiss new Zurich newspaper "reporter" my impression is China as host very well organized, (News) the reception is of a high standard, my work is mainly in the lobby of the hotel, although I am not in the news center, but I think the work here would be very good here. The environment is very good. The volunteers are very helpful. They are friendly. They can also speak English. They do a good job, and they always smile. Reporter Wang Yuping, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, reported key words: classification of the name: Domestic相关的主题文章: