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Net exposure Hubei township cadres wounded villagers holding plate shovel shooting with cut – Sohu n tokyo hot n0476

Net exposure of township cadres wounded villagers holding plate shovel shooting with cut – Sohu News according to Xinhua news agency, a township cadres hit the posts recently attracted the attention of netizens. Net posts said: a cadre of a township cadres in Hubei, Huangmei, because of disputes with the local villagers, together with the families of wounded villagers, the injured head multiple injuries. Huangmei County Propaganda Department revealed that the local police have been involved in the investigation. According to the posting Xiangyang (alias), Feng Guozhong and Feng Zhixiong were beaten as father and son, father Feng Guozhong for limb disabled, son Feng Zhixiong 21 years old, his mother also suffered from intermittent mental disorder. After the hospital emergency rescue, the father and son have been out of danger, is still under treatment, and later may also have sequelae. The announcement of Huangmei County Public Security Bureau issued Cai Shan police station, the evening of February 13th, in the village of Huangmei County town Cao Cai, Wang Xueli, Wang Xueyi, Wang Xueqiang, Wang Lao and Feng Guozhong, four fine brother Feng Zhixiong father and son of Wu Ji because of a dispute regarding Wang Xueli, Wang Yi two people blocked Feng Zhixiong, the king of the old fine on Feng Zhixiong’s chest, Feng Guozhong rushed forward to support for Feng Zhixiong, was the king of the old fine fell to the ground, and kneed Feng Guozhong pressure so that it can not move, then Wang Xueqiang with a shovel plate into the back of Feng Zhixiong’s head with time to cut the number of times, until the board spade spade handle is interrupted to stop, Feng Zhixiong was beaten to become unconscious. The public security department said that Feng Guozhong and Feng Zhixiong had been selected for forensic identification, but the witnesses and the surrounding people were unwilling to testify, which led to difficulties in case investigation and evidence collection. Xiangyang said the batterer special background, Wang in the village belongs to the family, and Wang Xueyi is in charge of the comprehensive administration of the township cadres, village people are afraid to offend. Huangmei County Propaganda Department confirmed that a responsible person, Wang Xueyi is Huangmei County Kong Longzhen a cadre, the association of politics and law, comprehensive management, and petition stability work. But he said, Wang Xueyi did not participate in the fight, and many times mediation. In this regard, Xiangyang said, Wang Xueyi participated in the whole process of beating, and the Feng family and his son after a few days in hospital Wang Jiayou did not visit people. Huangmei county government hole Ridge Town Committee and town a written reply said, brother Wang Xueyi and Feng Guozhong because the homestead things have been in dispute, Never mind the homestead and Wang Xueyi, Wang Xueyi and Feng Guozhong did not dispute. After the dispute, Wang Xueyi urged his brother to send 4000 yuan to the hospital to rescue the injured overnight. Written reply also said, if found Wang Xueyi violation of discipline, will be in accordance with the law to deal with it seriously. Cai Shan police station said that through a variety of ways and means to strive for the completion of the investigation and evidence collection work in the shortest possible time, and in accordance with the legal procedures for the case investigation.

网曝湖北乡镇干部打伤村民 持板锹连拍带砍-搜狐新闻  据新华社电 一则乡镇干部打人的帖文近日引发网友关注。网帖称:湖北省黄梅县一乡镇干部一家因与当地村民发生纠纷,伙同家属打伤村民,伤者头部多处受伤。黄梅县宣传部门透露,当地警方已介入调查。   据发帖人向阳(化名)介绍,被打者冯国忠和冯志雄为父子,父亲冯国忠为肢体残疾人,儿子冯志雄21岁,其母亲也患有间歇性精神障碍症。经过医院紧急抢救,父子俩已脱离生命危险,目前仍在治疗之中,后期还可能留有后遗症。   黄梅县公安局蔡山派出所发布的案情公告显示,2月13日晚,在黄梅县蔡山镇曹坝村,王学礼、王学义、王学强、王老细等兄弟四人与冯国忠、冯志雄父子俩因屋基一事发生争执,后王学礼、王学义两人架住冯志雄,王老细抓住冯志雄的胸口,冯国忠见状上前欲护冯志雄,被王老细摔倒在地,并用膝盖顶压冯国忠使其无法动弹,接着王学强用一把板锹从后面朝冯志雄的头部连拍带砍数次,直至板锹的锹柄被打断才停手,冯志雄被打得不省人事。   公安部门表示,已聘请法医对冯国忠和冯志雄的伤情进行鉴定,但由于目击证人及周边老百姓不愿作证,导致案件调查取证遇到了困难。向阳称,打人者背景特殊,王家在村里属于大家族,且王学义又是主管综治工作的乡镇干部,村里人都不敢得罪。   黄梅县宣传部一名负责人证实,王学义是黄梅县孔垄镇一名副科级干部,协管政法、综治、信访、维稳工作。但他表示,王学义没有参与打架,还多次进行调解。对此,向阳说,王学义参与了打人的全过程,且冯家父子住院后几天都未见王家有人来探望。   黄梅县孔垄镇委、镇政府书面回复表示,王学义弟弟与冯国忠因为宅基地的事情一直有纠纷,这个宅基地与王学义没有关系,王学义本人也没有与冯国忠有纠纷。纠纷发生后,王学义督促其弟派人连夜送4000元到医院抢救伤者。书面回复中还表示,如发现王学义有违纪违规行为,将依法依规对其进行严肃处理。   蔡山派出所表示,将通过各种途径和方式争取在最短时间内完成各项调查取证工作,并按照法律程序依法对该案进行立案侦查。相关的主题文章:

Men wearing slippers moved out of control, hit 6 people, part of the injured are still in hospital o agogoktv

Men wear slippers shift car lost control and hit the 6 part of the injured still in hospital yesterday morning, the City Stadium Road on the sidewalk, a white SUV suddenly out of control after the start, causing 6 people were injured, two cars damaged. Yesterday afternoon, the City Public Security Bureau introduced the accident related situation. At present, the driver suspected of causing traffic accident is undergoing police investigation, 6 injured are minor injuries, part of the injured are still in hospital observation. [] the bus station next to the events, SUV suddenly out of control at 24 7 yesterday morning, the Three Gorges City stadium road occupation technical college door on the west side of the sidewalk, a white SUV parked facing the residential building, the rear is the bus stop. A young man wearing slippers, go out from the residents of the building, opened the door to start the car, at this time, the car about 3 meters away from the convenience store owner, Mr. Wang is giving the customer checkout. "Hey." Mr. Wang heard a scream, mother looked, I saw this white SUV to the right up the road, a middle-aged man was walking down in front of the brush, the car did not stop on the sidewalk, half turn onto the road, crashed into a dark car, then, the wild the car once again onto the sidewalk, knocked down in this waiting a few people, and hit the street shop next step, when the next circle, the front hit another car parked on the sidewalk, it stopped. "Quick call 110"." Mr. Wang shouted the police and rushed out of the store to check the situation. At this point, around the public have stepped forward, someone surrounded the accident car, someone took the initiative to check the situation of the fallen personnel. After receiving the report, emergency personnel Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade accident, police rushed to the scene to the hospital, the injured were rushed to hospital, the driver is controlled by the police. At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, the reporter saw on the spot, the cement shop before the incident near the shop hit a large piece of damage. A reporter from the city hospital group and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment accident learned that after the incident, after the first batch of 3 vehicles were scratched on the ground staff to the hospital, and 3 officers to the hospital for treatment. Medical personnel conducted a detailed examination of 6 people, the injured were varying degrees of soft tissue contusion and skin trauma, no internal injuries, fractures and so on. 6 injured, there are waiting for the bus ride on the students, and a passerby was hit by passenger. At present, 6 injured patients are stable and some of them are still in hospital. [police bulletin] preliminary exclusion driver drunk driving may occur after the incident, the Internet appeared part of the scene of the accident video, many users were forwarded. At 2:30 p.m. yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau held an accident ventilation meeting and introduced the relevant situation. Police said that the driver Zheng 31 years old, stable work, family harmony, no emotional fluctuations before the incident. After the incident, the police conducted a comprehensive test of Zheng, initially ruled out the possibility of Jeong drunk driving, drug driving. The vehicle was purchased by Zheng in July of this year, and on August, the driver’s license was obtained in 2011, and the license was complete. When driving, a foot wearing slippers, resulting in operation slip, throttle and brake confusion, found after the car out of control, nervous, accident preliminary investigation reasons. At the ventilation conference, the police have broadcast videos from 3 different angles to the media.!

男子穿拖鞋移车失控撞6人 部分伤者尚在留院观察 昨日一大早,城区体育场路人行道上,一辆白色越野车启动后突然失控,致6人受伤,两辆轿车受损。昨日下午,市公安局介绍了事故相关情况。目前,当事司机涉嫌交通肇事正在接受警方调查,6名伤者均为轻微伤,部分伤者尚在留院观察。【事件回放】公汽站旁,越野车突然失控昨日上午7时24分,城区体育场路三峡职业技术学院大门西侧人行道上,一辆白色越野车面朝居民楼停放,后方就是公交站牌。一名脚穿拖鞋的年轻男子从居民楼内走出,打开车门启动了车,此时,距该车约3米远的便利店里,店主王先生正在给顾客结账。“哎。”王先生听到一声惊叫,循声望去,只见这辆白色越野车朝右加速行进,将正在车前行走的一名中年男子擦倒,该车并没有停下,在人行道上转了半圈冲上马路,撞上了一辆深色轿车,紧接着,越野车又一次冲上人行道,将在此候车的几人撞倒,并撞到了街边店铺旁的台阶,当其再一次转圈时,车头撞上人行道上停放的另一辆轿车,这才停了下来。“快打110。”王先生一边喊人报警,一边冲出店铺查看情况。此时,周围市民纷纷上前,有人围住了肇事车,有人主动查看倒地人员的情况。接报后,市公安局交警支队事故大队民警、医院急救人员赶到现场,受伤人员被送往医院救治,肇事司机被警方控制。昨日上午9时许,记者在现场看到,事发地附近店铺前的水泥台阶被撞损了一大块。记者从市公安局交警支队事故大队及市一医院了解到,事发后,首批有3名被车辆刮擦倒地的人员送至医院,之后,又有3名人员前往医院救治。医护人员对6人进行了详细的检查,伤者均为不同程度的软组织挫伤和皮外伤,未出现内伤、骨折等情况。6名伤者中,有等待乘坐公汽的学生、路人及一辆被撞车辆内的乘客。目前,6名伤者伤情稳定,部分伤者尚在留院观察。【警方通报】 初步排除司机酒驾毒驾可能此事发生后,网上出现了事故现场部分视频,不少网友进行了转发。昨日下午2时30分,市公安局召开事故通气会,就相关情况进行介绍。民警表示,肇事司机郑某今年31岁,工作稳定、家庭和睦,事发前未有情绪波动。事发后,警方对郑某进行全面测试,初步排除郑某酒驾、毒驾的可能。当事车辆系郑某今年7月购买,8月上牌,其驾照于2011年取得,证照齐全。郑某开车时脚穿拖鞋,导致操作时打滑,油门、刹车混淆,发现车辆失控后心情紧张,系事故初步调查原因。通气会上,警方先后向媒体播放了从3个不同角度调取的视频。其中1个视频可以看到,一名中年男子疑似被车辆“撞飞”,多名路人被该车左后轮“碾压”。然而,另一个角度的监控视频可明显看到,中年男子实际是在车辆与其接触时,主动跳到身后台阶上躲避,倒地路人未曾遭碾压,而是被车身刮蹭和轮胎撞击后受伤倒地。警方表示,这起事故过程十分清晰,在处理过程中,警方全程公开透明。目前,对伤者的处理为第一要务,多方正在主动处理相关事宜。【司机自述】鞋子太滑,混淆了油门刹车昨日下午,记者见到了正在接受调查的肇事司机郑某。郑某称,18日晚,他开车回家并将车停放在事发人行道上,当晚很早就休息了。昨天早上起床后,准备把车移至停车场,穿着拖鞋就下了楼。“拖鞋太滑了,脚一踩刹车,就滑到油门旁边去了。如果是平底鞋,绝对没有这样的事情发生,现在想想就后悔,好的驾驶习惯太重要了。”郑某说,事发时,他是第一次穿拖鞋开车,没想到鞋子太滑,混淆了油门、刹车,其间无法变更方向,致使车辆一直朝右,发现踩不到刹车时,脑袋里一片空白。提个醒不要穿拖鞋高跟鞋开车宜昌交警部门提醒广大驾驶员:穿拖鞋开车,会因拖鞋和脚面固定不牢、天热脚掌出汗等原因,对刹车和油门的控制出现偏差,容易打滑,从而带来安全隐患。交警部门强调,开车上路,很多小细节要牢记于心,不要穿拖鞋、高跟鞋开车,开车时不要进行使用手机、观看视频等分散注意力的行为。确保车辆启动前进行检查,尤其是车前台、仪表盘等位置不要放置杂物。《交通安全法》规定,开车拨打电话、吃零食、吸烟等妨碍交通安全的行为将处以20-200元处罚。扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章:

Most of the new nuclear reactors are located in China, and 10 new ones will be added every year

The global reputation of new nuclear reactors are located in the Chinese year will add 10 picture: nuclear reactor Reference News Network February 1st U.S. media reported that in the nuclear energy at the beginning of the birth, it is completely by the strict control of the state, but only a few of the richest countries. But in the last 50 years, a vibrant international nuclear market has emerged, with a global supply chain. Not only are more countries contemplating or planning new nuclear power plants, but more countries are building their own nuclear power stations. According to the American quartz financial network reported in January 26th, the International Atomic Energy Agency data show that the world is currently under construction of nuclear reactors are 66. There are dozens of different stages in the planning process. Most of the new nuclear reactors are located in China, and China’s nuclear energy investment is rare since the United States and France developed mass nuclear power in the 70s of last century, the report says, in 60s. In 2015, China’s new five year plan says that 40 reactors will be built by 2020, that is to say, as many as 10 reactors a year. 15 countries in other parts of the world are also building reactors. Reported that Chinese vigorously strengthen the nuclear power also want to be a major exporter of nuclear technology and talent. Apart from adopting Western design, China also has its own reactor designs. China’s nuclear reactors are being built in China and Pakistan. Other countries are also considering the use of China’s design options. At the same time, China has also increased its capacity to produce pressure vessels, turbines and other heavy machine parts – all of these devices are expected to start exporting. This international manufacturing industry is not new: cars, airplanes, and many other household appliances. But for nuclear reactors, this is news. Nuclear reactors must be installed on site and require very special parts. And the production requirements for these particular parts must be much higher than those of other industries. In some cases, machines for making these parts must be specially produced. Take the most important pressure vessel in reactor design as an example. The device can only use the world’s largest steel pressure, so far, such a handful of steel in the world, according to the World Federation of nuclear industry data, there are 23 kinds of steel in the world, scattered in 11 countries. This specialization is not confined to the production of large equipment. Nuclear reactors require thousands of other mechanical parts and electronic components, many of which are specially tailored. The world nuclear industry association Greg · Kasel said, China and America are in construction according to Westinghouse electronics company AP1000 nuclear reactor design, the parts are from all over the world. A lot of the parts came from European companies, which were founded to meet their nuclear suppliers, but then became important exporters. The flow of talent in the nuclear sector is also enormous. Nuclear engineers from China, Japan, South Korea and the United States are consulting global nuclear energy or leading nuclear projects. In 2014, a report by the World Federation of nuclear industries estimated that by 2030, new nuclear facilities would be available all over the world

美称全球新核反应堆大多位于中国 每年还将新增10个 资料图片:核反应堆   参考消息网2月1日报道 美媒称,在核能诞生之初,它完全是被国家严格控制的,而且仅仅限于几个最富裕的国家。但是在近50年来,形成了一个生机勃勃的国际核市场,有全球的供应链。不仅有更多的国家开始考虑或在筹划新的核电站,还有更多的国家在自己建设核电站。   据美国《石英财经网》1月26日报道,国际原子能机构的数据显示,全球目前在建的核反应堆是66个。还有几十个处于筹划中的不同阶段。   报道称,新的核反应堆的大多数位于中国,中国在核能方面的大量投入是自上个世纪60年代美国和70年代法国大规模发展核能之后少见的。2015年,中国做出的新的五年规划里说,到2020年要建40个反应堆,也就是说每年要增加多达10个反应堆。全球其他地区的15个国家也在建设反应堆。   报道称,中国大力加强核能也是想争当核技术与人才的出口大国。除了采用西方的设计,中国也有自己的反应堆设计。中国设计的核反应堆正在中国和巴基斯坦进行建设。其他国家也在考虑使用中国的设计方案。同时,中国也提高了自己生产压力容器、涡轮机和其他重型机器零件的能力——预计所有这些设备都将开始出口。   这种国际化的制造业生产并不是新鲜事:汽车、飞机和其他很多家用电器都是这样完成的。但是,对于核反应堆来说,这是新闻,核反应堆必须在现场安装,而且需要非常特别的零件。而这些特别零件的生产要求必须比其他行业要高得多。有些时候,制造这些零件的机器必须是专门生产出来的。   就拿反应堆设计中最核心的压力容器举例。该设备只能使用世界上承压最大的钢,到目前为止,全球这样的钢屈指可数,根据世界核工业联合会的数据,全球有23种这样的钢,分散在11个国家。   这种专业化并不仅仅局限在大型设备的生产上。核反应堆需要上千个其他的机械零件和电子零件,其中很多都是特别定制的。   世界核工业联合会的格雷格·卡泽尔说,中国和美国都在建设按威斯汀豪斯电子公司AP1000设计的核反应堆,其零件是来自全世界各地。很多零件来自欧洲的公司,这些公司成立之初是为了满足本国的核供应,但是后来却成了重要的出口商。   核领域人才的流动也很多。中国、日本、韩国和美国的核工程师到全球接受核能的咨询或者带领核项目。2014年,世界核工业联合会的一份报告估计,到2030年,全世界对新的核设施的投资总额将达到1.2万亿美元。   报道称,但是,核工业国际化并没有得到全球每个国家的热烈欢迎。2011年,日本福岛核电站的污染灾难曾一度阻止了一些核项目的进展,德国还叫停了所有的核反应堆。英国政府让一个中国企业在英格兰建核反应堆的决定就招来了国内和国外很多关于安全方面的非议之声。   报道称,还有人担心一些假许可证销售的核反应堆零件带来的安全隐患。2014年,由于发现安装的电缆的认证证书是伪造的,韩国的两个核反应堆关闭。今年,国际原子能机构将更新完善1996年出台的核电站采购指导原则。新的指导原则有一章将专门讲假零件。(编译 李伟杰)相关的主题文章:

Thorpe revealed that he fought against depression during his childhood and had drunk himself and con webquest

Thorpe secret youth battle with depression had considered alcohol Dutch act Thorpe struggles with depression sina sports Agence France-Presse reported swimming legend star Ian – Thorpe on Thursday publicly revealed, he began experiencing mental illness from a young age, and has been struggling with depression. One of Australia’s best sports stars won five gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2004 Athens olympics. But after he was found lost on the streets of Sydney in 2014, he admitted that he had turned to a professional rehabilitation agency to control his illness. The most painful, he even thought Dutch act, "I think carefully, what kind of Dutch act, to the parents to bring the least painful"; also by drinking to forget those who harm than good, "I hope the burden. But every morning I wake up feeling worse, depressed and hopeless than the day before…… Many patients with depression, choose such a way to fight the demons. It was then realized that without the help of others, it would not be possible to win." Thorpe, 33, confessed that he had been hiding the disease from his side, but now mental health has become a hot issue among young people. An event supported by Kate Middleton, the British Princess, is aimed at raising public awareness of children’s mental health. On the Huffington post news website, Thorpe wrote this blog article: "from adolescence, I’ve been struggling with mental health issues. Outsiders can’t sense my pain, or experience the struggles I face every day, and partly from the deception of mental disorders like depression. The pain on the face is distinct from the suffering in the heart." After retiring in 2006, Thorpe once lost the direction. He tried to enter the jewelry design, television, take college courses after a brief comeback, the final defeat of the London 2012 Olympic trials; 2014, treatment for depression after a few months, Thorpe disclosed his sexual orientation is not straight, but also because of outside help to eliminate homophobia have been widely praised. In the blog, the former hermit who longed to "shut the world out" encouraged young people to be conscious and brave about any mental health problems. Now, Thorpe, who is dating the swimsuit model Ryan Ryan, adds that life has been greatly improved since the attempt to control the illness, "unexpected joy.". Although I’m struggling with depression, it doesn’t define me." (He Xia)

索普揭秘少年时与抑郁症斗争 曾酗酒考虑自杀 索普与抑郁症作斗争   新浪体育讯  据法新社报道,游泳传奇名将伊恩-索普上周四公开透露,自己从青少年时期便开始出现心理疾病,并一直在与抑郁症做着斗争。   这位澳大利亚最出色的体坛明星之一,在2000年悉尼奥运会和2004年雅典奥运会上共收获五枚金牌。但2014年被发现“迷失”于悉尼街头后,他承认为了控制病情曾求助于专业的康复机构。   最痛苦时,他甚至想到了自杀,“我仔细地思考过,用什么样的自杀方式,给父母带来的痛苦最少”;也通过喝酒来饮鸩止渴,“我希望忘记那些负担。但每天早晨醒来,感觉比前一天更糟,更加抑郁绝望……许多抑郁症患者,都选择这样的方式与心魔抗争。后来才意识到,假如没有其他人的帮助,就无法获胜。”   33岁的索普坦言过去自己一直向身边人隐瞒病情,但如今心理健康愈发成为年轻人群里值得关注的问题。一项由英国王妃凯特-米德尔顿支持的活动,就是旨在提高大众对儿童心理健康的认识。   在澳洲《赫芬顿邮报》新闻网站上,索普写下这样的博客文章:“从青少年起,我一直在与心理健康问题作斗争。   外人无法感知到我的痛苦,或是体会每天我要面对的抗争,一部分也源自像抑郁症这样的精神疾病所带有的欺骗性。表现在脸上的痛苦,跟内心的煎熬有着鲜明的区别。”   2006年退役后,索普一度失去了方向。他尝试过珠宝设计、进军电视圈,接受大学课程后有过短暂的复出,最终落选2012年伦敦奥运会的选拔赛;2014年,接受数月的抑郁症治疗后,索普公开了自己并非直男的性取向,也因帮助外界消除恐同症受到了广泛的赞誉。   在博客中,这位过去渴望“将全世界拒之门外的隐士”,鼓励年轻人们要有意识和勇于面对任何心理健康问题。目前正跟泳衣模特莱恩-钱宁约会的索普还补充道,自从试图去控制病情之后,生活出现了极大的好转,“意想不到的开心。尽管我是在与抑郁症作斗争,但这并不能定义我。”   (何霞)相关的主题文章:

Zhangzhou more than 1.4 sets of houses to permit if you move ajviewer

Zhangzhou more than 1.4 sets of houses to permit if you move? Zhangzhou can not handle the commercial housing, a total of 20 projects, the new old have, most of the hair was actually a square of 4700 sets. The more than 14 thousand and 300 house, for various reasons do not permit, the equivalent of not the identity of "black". Recently, Zhangzhou circle of friends circulated such a mysterious form, the record can not handle more than 1.4 sets of Zhangzhou can not handle commercial housing. Related to people’s real estate, this figure is very high spread. However, the authenticity of this figure, no one has proved. So the authority of the sea king quickly to help you verify this event! The reporter by the Zhangzhou Municipal Real Property Center confirmed that the network transmission cannot permit housing units, as well as the problems behind the basic truth. Check you have not caught on the commercial housing, not only can not handle the real estate transaction warrants, will also exist many hidden dangers. "Now out of the house, the sale price of 4000 yuan, even people who are not." Xiao Bian a friend Tucao, the recent commercial housing a day a price, she bought the house was rotten in the hands, it is really not the price of cabbage. Want to buy second-hand housing people, thousands of eyes, because the property can not do card, the price will be very low, at least less than the surrounding real estate 1000-2000 yuan per square meter, not to pursue cheap, buy building disc cannot be rush, unable to go to school, many trading risks, has become the last disk access man "". Kowloon City Wall is still hung a large banner behind the reasons for the lack of evidence in this network map inside, a simple list of these real estate can not do the reasons for. Terminology is very professional, in order to facilitate the public to understand, Xiao Bian specifically to the real estate registration center consulting, will be roughly attributed to 3 categories. 1 special inspection did not pass the entire process before the launch of the developers need approval, a total of several items, the developer must each clearance. The main quality inspection, quality supervision station acceptance, special inspection in the top three. The special inspection and subdivided 9 items: planning, greening, environmental protection, traffic police, fire protection, lightning protection, air defense, health, land review and acceptance etc.. Can not pass, when there is a problem, often more than one. The house is equivalent to the main part of the cover, but there are many parts of the problem. Planning, civil air defense, fire acceptance is not more common, the so-called completion of the map and the results of Surveying and mapping is not the same, the land is not the same as the planning and land permits, in fact, described the problem of super volume rate. This problem is very common, almost real estate sector open secret. People familiar with the description of the "super" Star City Yongda inside to small, can let a person as the acme of perfection. Yongda City developers, planning and approval of the land area is only so big, the volume rate is also good. In the process of building a house, the developer will be a piece of land into the area next to the expansion of the land area multiplied by a good volume coefficient, in order to steal the building volume, to achieve the purpose of profit. 2 missing data in dozens of developers before the acceptance of the process, data archiving is one of them, developers must consider the construction units, supervision units, construction units and special inspection of all information by the archives;相关的主题文章:

The 81 year old maverick, riding a bike and walk the world — Travel Channel kisstudou

The 81 year old maverick, riding a bicycle to go in the world — the Travel Channel original title: 81 year old maverick, riding a bike and walk the world if not out of town, a success at home near the early in the morning ride away 120 kilometers, nearly 80 km. What is the difference between sports and non sports? A long time to see the scriptures! A more than and 80 year old man, the old age, enjoy the happiness of a family union at home, but almost every day riding a car outside the "wandering", will arrange one or two months long ride every year, the rest of the time at home and around "". 20 years ago, he and the car’s footprint has already spread all over the domestic various provinces, the total travel has reached about 1000000 kilometers. Let him proud of is that for so many years, is a ripe old age physical remains better than many young people. He is, "a restless horse" into. Life, the horse into a person into the WeChat, like many young people every day, take the phone brush circle of friends, update the state of mind, and record the little drops of life. He said in WeChat, "a person’s life is really short, while the body is OK, to go to more places. If possible, would like to go abroad in the future." After retirement, beginning when the lone ranger almost 20 years riding all over the China "last month, I just finished riding back to Xinjiang, is ready to go to Hainan this year by the national riding, riding the headquarters of the invitation to participate in local activities." Xiang Macheng is Zhejiang Lanxi people, home is opposite in Lanxi jujube primary school plastic factory dormitory, because riding, many local people know his name. Speaking with the bicycle soon, and that was when things. Before liberation, the horse family is relatively poor, 13 years old, he left home to a pharmacy in Lishui as an apprentice. The shop owner had a son of his age, and he became a good companion. At the age of 16, the young man bought a new bicycle, so he gave the old one. Although the car is old, but as a treasure, soon learned to ride a bike, but also had an idea, I hope to be able to ride the bicycle to go see the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. 1996, 61 year old Ma Cheng retired from the Chinese medicine factory, but also opened his dream of riding a tour. After retirement is the first stop of the coveted Inner Mongolia prairie, at least a year after a short trip journey, two, now has traveled throughout all domestic provinces. Most people will choose a long ride to find a partner to facilitate mutual care on the road, and the horse into the road is always alone. "Each time out of town a few months, the young general did this time, most of the older too much, we can only walk alone." When riding alone, the family firmly opposed, after all, is so old. But he still insisted, and these years riding down in addition to encounter road punctured tires, has not met what. Finally, his wife and two sons can’t stop him. It was his wish. WeChat wrote a circle of friends and the mood to brush the lives of young people like the tide into the two items of the notebook, which is his baby, he is riding a million real witness. Every time travel long ride, will keep a notebook in your luggage)相关的主题文章: