Apple to buy luxury sports car manufacturer Mai Karen Mai Karen denied (video)

Apple to buy luxury sports car manufacturer Mai Karen Mai Karen denied the Tencent Francisco according to "Financial Times" reported that the Apple Corp in the United States and Britain Mai Karen Technology Group (McLaren Technology Group) is in contact on potential acquisitions, this is the iPhone manufacturer for signal change the auto industry’s most obvious. According to three sources, the negotiations with apple and Karen as early as a few months ago has begun, apple is considering taking over full step Karen, or strategic investment in the latter. It is reported that apple in the development of driverless cars has been more than two years of history, but the company has not yet been confirmed. Karen field covers automotive engineering, on board computer systems and emerging chassis materials. If Apple teamed up with McLaren, will accelerate the progress of the mysterious car project. Apple declined to comment. A spokesman for Karen said: "we can confirm that Karen did not discuss any potential investment with apple", but he declined to disclose more details. Sources said that the loss of the pace of Karen’s valuation of 1 billion to $1 billion 500 million, there is no clear indication that the deal will be reached. If the acquisition of Mai Karen, which will be Apple’s $3 billion acquisition since 2014, the largest manufacturer of headphones Beats Electronics. Earlier this year, apple to China taxi service provider drops travel investment of $1 billion, the deal is apple is by far the most generous equity investment. Since Tim Cook (Tim) took office, it has gradually changed the company’s long tradition of large-scale acquisitions do not have. The sports car produced by Karen is as high as $1 million per unit, with its advanced technology team and its own fleet in the prestigious World Formula One Championship (F1). Karen (Automotive) is part of the Mai technology group, which owns 80% of the former shares of the company (the McLaren). In 2015, Karen made 1654 sports cars, earning $45 million and promised to invest $1 billion over the next six years for research and development. Karen Technology Group recently released results show that its revenue in 2014 was 265 million pounds, pre tax loss of $22 million 600 thousand. Michael Karen Technology Group is the owner of the company chairman Langen Dennis (Ron Dennis), manso – Ou Jie (Mansour Ojjeh) and the Middle East countries of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat. Sources said Apple’s interest is mainly focused on Karen’s technology, engineering strength and patent portfolio. However, due to recent changes in Apple’s automotive strategy, the future direction of the transaction for the cautious attitude. Since 2014, apple is composed of hundreds of engineers and designers team to develop automotive projects, recruiting objects also include from Tesla and Mercedes Benz employees. Apple’s automotive business, former head of Steve • (Steve Zad)相关的主题文章: