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After the release of iPhone 7 Android manufacturers Xiaoshan reaction is the first class of such a technology Sohu: you don’t have my face – not good! If anybody is not convinced of the iPhone7, then just released in the country Moto Z modular mobile phone Moto is first raised, the mobile phone industry, a new member of the iPhone 7 just to, Moto administrative micro-blog dispatch said: refuse mediocre upgrade, wait, do not disdain the future here, why should the 7 generation! The following diagram is the target of iPhone 7. In fact, prior to the release of the Samsung Note7, moto has also issued a document that their new Moto Z to better. As the head of Jia Yueting also shows his attitude in the day. A copious and fluent micro-blog wrote five lines, the core idea is to say their first canceled the 3.5mm headset interface, but also the way to promote the new LeAI mobile phone will be its own ecological hair is crossed; with the first three letters of Apple, leaving only le, then obviously refers to the music as mobile phone is innovation successor. – second: – the mocking face I’ve done! And in addition to the first category is not satisfied, there are many manufacturers are beginning to ridicule apple Out, the function of their own long time to achieve the use of this generation is not even used iPhone. The charm of blue on iPhone soon after its release on the release of their own camera contrast map Charm Blue Max and iPhone 7, and that the iPhone 7 lens than Charm Blue Max 1.5mm for good, again at this point iPhone 7 camera bulge pain. Early start using dual camera glory said he in the past two years on the parallel camera very lonely ~ – third: face – Hello welcome new students of course, there is also a part of the mobile phone manufacturers with dual camera iPhone 7 Plus welcome, pioneered the use of dual camera and dual speaker HTC is one of a mobile phone. And also said: to go more people, the road will be more broad, it seems sincere. Must in the international market HUAWEI mobile phone micro-blog official welcome Apple added two family photo. 360 mobile phone administrative micro-blog is Bachu leader (Zhou Hong?) and cook (Cook) with our ultimate 360 photo self timer, also welcomed the "two shot" iPhone 7 Plus release. (this is called the two lens to make people feel strange ~) – fourth – year or face disappointment: iPhone well of course, people do mobile phone also has some year apple powder, such as the famous "comic master Luo Yonghao. After the release of iPhone 7 many people want to see to what do you think about this mobile phone, Luo also really deliver the goods in their personal public number has been updated with a "Miss" 6 years ago the iPhone article is divided.相关的主题文章: