A small intelligent self-cultivation why it is stunning world cup diqua

A small intelligent self-cultivation why it is stunning world cup? Not just small forecast feelings in April 2016, Sina officially launched the lottery small intelligent prediction, after nearly half a year in the NBA "practice", small to shine in the European cup. With the start of the five major league, foreign intelligence Zucai forecast expansion in the accuracy of recommendation, events span, and the demand for small lottery is also increasingly strong. Eleven new on-line intelligent cannon during the European pre tournament prediction, to enter the broader field of lottery! The preliminary][1 yuan to see the whole round of League, forecast package] military artificial intelligence – limited time offer earnings forecast! – earnings prospects unlimited in the World Cup qualifiers is the dream of every national team is the national team between the comprehensive strength considerations, because there are many uncertainties tend to make the majority of lottery headache. But it is in the lottery components must not be taken lightly, 7 World Cup lottery lottery last month at a staggering 2 note 5 million prize. The world cup is "Lengrebujun", but it is no stranger to foreign intelligence, during the European Cup had its NiuDao, 12 stage prediction accuracy rate is also rising. But, to predict the European pre, precisely in order to meet the urgent demand for lottery more reference on the event. Small singled hit Italy in Spain yesterday hit small draw focus in Germany 3-0 Czech of course in the near future the European pre game, small smart play is obvious to people. The top two in 12 Nichia disc 18, the hit rate of 66.6%, 18 in 14 to predict the outcome, the hit rate reached 77.7%. In Portugal, Slovenia, Ireland, Greece and Albania and many other games, three play in the small. In addition to the West war cannon singled out draw high compensation, single game 2 Red 1, single play revenue reached 75% and 230%, comprehensive income 101%. The German war Czech is also 2 Red 1, accept 42% of the proceeds. As for France, Holland and Belgium and other popular events, play the same good. Compared to spend a lot of time and effort of painstaking research, the problem of artificial intelligence, give a sensible choice. To really enjoy the game at the same time, but also improve the chances of making money, not beautiful? Ram base! – repeatedly experienced results impressive during the NBA European Cup, five league were the best performance of small intelligent can alive preliminaries period to achieve such good results, it cannot do without a solid foundation "". The forecast period in the early NBA, cannon had made over 21 amazing results in 22, the European Cup is the rapid growth period. In the new season and gun achievements is obvious to people, the first round of the Premier League overall hit rate over 70%, 6 in 6 serie a staged play, single round of 27 in the 22 Bundesliga, La Liga giants have been spoilers, the day job size ball 8 red, can say in major international competitions in 12 major league existing and AFC Champions League etc. small, intelligent complete interpretation of the one word -! As artificial intelligence conquer chess chess fought areas, small intelligence are not met in this achievement after. Sina color research相关的主题文章: