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8seconds overseas flagship store in Shanghai to build K-style platform – Beijing, Beijing, September 30, South Korea fast fashion brand 8seconds’s first overseas flagship store in September 30th officially settled the "First Street" Chinese fashion Shanghai No. 774 middle Huaihai road. This is also the 8seconds in May this year, Tmall flagship store on the line, an important step towards the Chinese market. According to reports, 8seconds flagship store in Shanghai occupies 2 floors, covering an area of 3531 square meters. The flagship store in the diet, clothing design brand, products in one, for the love of Korean culture, the pursuit of trendy life brings consumers find everything fresh and new "one-stop" shopping experience. Space decorate the flagship store very Korean wave, not only all kinds of fashion for men and women and the popular GD limited edition series of integration into the whole Korean hardcover design, through the shop in shop form, all kinds of the introduction of other leading K-style brands in korea. Including Remicone, 10X10, Stealer& Muzik, Bandi, Nail Noonoo-Fingers, Toy Republic, Krunk seven brands, covering food, stationery, accessories, cosmetics, cartoons and other diverse fields, for consumers to create a more comprehensive and more K-style fresh experience. 8seconds brand name in the number 8 is not only contains the ability to meet customers in 8 seconds, the philosophy of the brand, but also taking into account the "8" is the number of Chinese favorite. In the early days of the brand, 8seconds has begun to prepare for the presence of the Chinese market, in the commodity development, location, business strategy and other aspects of the plan has also done a long time and consideration. It is reported that Samsung Fashion sector plans to allow 8seconds to grow in the short term to represent the Korean K-style fast fashion brand, but also will look forward to the entire Asian market. The Department of commodity in vice president Pu Zhekui said, "the 8seconds flagship store in Shanghai is not only a pure Fashion shop, is a can see and hear and feel the experience of the K-style platform, and will be present in the K-POP, K-FOOD, Chinese by creating a consumer favorite K-Fashion success stories". In addition, in August of this year, GD Quan Zhilong (G-Dragon) was selected in China and South Korea while the endorsement of the 8seconds brand, but also shows that 8seconds is focused on the entire Asian market. GD not only as a spokesperson for 8seconds, but also personally involved in the brand design. Just from the basic single product to the selected color, GD closely followed the young consumers’ lifestyle, and integrated into the theme elements LOGO, tattoos, and other embroidery printing G.DRAGON symbol in the design, to provide consumers with a full display of self platform. Designed by GD (8 G-Dr X.相关的主题文章: