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The representative of Syria stated: Turkey’s military will weapons to terrorists – Beijing, Beijing, August 27, according to Russian media reported on 27, the United Nations Syria representative al Jaafari (Bashar al-Jaafari) statement, Turkey’s military will be terrorist weapons and ammunition to Aleppo province. Jaafari (Bashar al-Jaafari) said at the UN Security Council Secretary General and the chairman’s letter in the northern part of Aleppo Province, into the territory of Turkey soldiers "are building weapons warehouse". The letter said, "they will be the warehouse and the weapons and ammunition to the" conquering army "," Al nusra front "and" free people Sharm Islamic Movement "(Russia banned organization). Meanwhile, the Turkey soldiers handed over the missiles and ammunition in Turkey to the armed terrorist groups in Aleppo." Local time on August 24, 2016, Turkey Aetna Qi Pu Karkamis, Turkey troops to the border, the border town of Syria to participate in the fight against the extremist organization task. At the same time, Ibrahim al Jaafari (Bashar al-Jaafari) statement, "transport convoy of terrorists" across the province of Idlib Atima traffic point of Turkey’s border with Syria. Diplomats in Syria have called on the United Nations Security Council "to force the government of Turkey to close the country’s border with armed terrorist groups, and to stop armed supplies and financial assistance to these groups." Damascus has called on the international community to end what Turkey has done for Syria and Syria refugees, "with all the irregularities and crimes". Jaafari (Bashar al-Jaafari) stressed that since the conflict began, has been in the country to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council issued a 600 letter. He said that at present has not received any reply.相关的主题文章: