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Japan found this creature, angel or devil? Sohu – tourism fled to the Shiretoko North Magnolia Hotel, one of the If You Are The One in filming a low-key, but also one of the Chinese tourists pilgrimage to the holy land of Hokkaido. In the lobby of a small aquarium attracted me, is the most famous ice here in winter, every year from late January to late March, the winter was frozen into the sea of Okhotsk ice white earth, far from the Siberia River into Hokkaido, the sea of Okhotsk ice flow is the world shore (44 degrees north latitude) the South Japan is the only visible, mysterious ice along the coast. I was on the right side of the small cylinder is ignored, that is a few fish, can look carefully, be startled at actually saw a long, two wings of angels! They are transparent, in the water slowly flowing, like floating in midair angel. The reason why there is such a name, because she is swimming with a transparent flapping wings, the frequency is very slow, seconds before the appearance of 1-2 times, seemingly legendary angel. Read the introduction to know, the original this very strange and precious creatures living in Hokkaido under the ice. It is called the ice Angel name "Clione limacina", Poseidon is from Greek mythology to the evolution of the name, the name for the "West Sea angel" (see angel). Who do not know where they came from, neither jellyfish nor firefly, also called manatees, belongs to the family of snails without shells. Just know that they live in the Arctic sea, Antarctic sea, Bering Strait, the low temperature region, winter ice season in the Okhotsk Strait is also visible in its presence. It is a legend in the legend of fortune, love couples see her fiery red, can bring romantic love and happy marriage for their own, but this is the central red transparent body of the digestive and reproductive organs. More surprisingly, they are hermaphroditic and must be fertilized by mating. Just said, it is the upper part of the orange red part of its digestive and reproductive organs, it is similar to the wings of the attachment is evolved from the feet, know where it’s mouth? No one guessed it. Mouth on the top of the head, between 2 tentacles, carnivorous which is based on the volume of planktonic shellfish for food, if you see it is eating, will immediately think this name angel is totally inappropriate for it, but a bit like "alien" the alien biological terror. In the time of eating, the angel’s head will suddenly burst open, from the body in a moment to be known as the "mouth cone," there is a sucker antenna, with a very strong terrorist force into the body to digest 6. You see no language, right? What the hell am I supposed to call you an angel or a demon? In addition to the known bed in Abashiri ice museum also has its shadow, have the opportunity to see the Qingdao aquarium, only a few. Author: Chinese Photographers Association members, Ctrip signed traveler & photographer, hotel experience division, since the media and tourism Master. Sina recognition.相关的主题文章: