Shenwei · Taihu light won the world supercomputer champion China crown for 4 consecutive years stand by me shinee

"Shenwei · Taihu light" won the world supercomputer champion for 4 consecutive years Chinese crown supercomputer Shenwei · Taihu light "Oriental IC data for a new global top 500 supercomputer list (TOP500) 14 in Salt Lake City announced," Chinese Shenwei · Taihu light "to speed the advantages of larger easily won the championship. Earlier count "Tianhe No. two" six consecutive championships, Chinese has 4 consecutive years occupied the highest seat of the global supercomputer rankings. TOP500 list released once every six months. In June this year on the list, by the National Development Research Center China parallel computer engineering technology "Shenwei · Taihu light turned out to 9.3 quadrillion times the floating-point operations per second to win beyond all expectations. This speed is nearly three times the original title Chinese "Tianhe No. two", more important is the "Shenwei · Taihu light" to achieve all the core components include a processor, all domestic. Previously, developed by National University of Defense Technology Chinese "Tianhe No. two" super computer in the TOP500 on the list of six consecutive roost. In the latest list, the Milky way two is still the number of floating-point operations per second speed of 33860 trillion ranked in the top second. In addition to the "double star", the overall performance of China’s super computing is also very good. In June this year, for the first time in the United States on the list of "Chinese total long-term champion dethroning". But this time, the Sino US tie, with 171 list number two on the list is tied for first, accounting for about 2/3 of the total list. The international TOP500 organization said in a statement, a year ago, the United States to 199 units to maintain a clear advantage over the list, while China has only 109 units. But now, the latest list "witnessed the supercomputer and the United States the advantages of China racing together bridle to bridle". TOP500 is on the list in 1993, global installed super computer "row seating" well-known list, by the United States and Germany supercomputer experts prepared jointly. From the list of the top 10, Chinese "double star", third to tenth are the "Titan" and "Sequoia", "Cory (Cori)", Japan’s "Oakforest-PACS", "Beijing", Switzerland’s "Daiente peak" and the "Mira" and "31". Among them, "Cory (Cori)" and "Oakforest-PACS" are "new faces". "Daiente peak" of the original ranking in the "31", but after the upgrade to the "Mira" before, but still no change in the eighth position. Overall, the computing power of more than 10 million times per second on the list system has increased from one in June 2008 to 117 now. List of author, University of Tennessee computer science professor Jack · Tang Gallas told Xinhua that the next supercomputer will move towards exascale computing ability to enter, these next-generation supercomputer will be a new species, not only fast, and big data in a new way, new in order to open up ways of artificial intelligence, data science and simulation, bring new insights".相关的主题文章: