Hee Yi pictures responded there is no breach of contract disputes has been terminated 下北glory days

Hee Yi pictures responded there is no breach of contract disputes have terminated the Tencent entertainment news article on the day before, China hee Yi pictures (Bliss Media) accused of involvement in the Hollywood contract dispute article, the newly established more than a year in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm movie star. To the media and the public a truth, Yi hee pictures today officially the American Das Films company to respond to the allegations, the company responded that Das Films is not true for Xiyi pictures "in violation of the contract" in the movie "allegations, very wise: dragon chase robbery" (hereinafter referred to as the "intellectual pursuit" during the period, Yi hee) pictures does not exist any breach, and with Das Film based on the film’s cooperation, early in the film before starting stopped. According to local media reports, the United States Das Films recently China hee Yi pictures on the court, Das Films said in the indictment, the company last year and is making a movie "Yee hee pictures very intellectual pursuit" launched a cooperation project, after Das Films was selected for the film director and rewrite the script, but hee Yi pictures trying to change the film before starting the producer, and claim to have abandoned the project, trying to get Das Films out, has destroyed the contract act. And according to the above allegations, Yi hee today responded pictures. Hee Yi pictures said that early in August 31st this year, Xi Yi pictures give Das Film sent a lawyer’s letter, elaborated on the terms of the contract in violation of DF. Especially pointed out in the letter, DF had written expressly agreed to in June 5, began filming "intellectual pursuit" project, but the project to provide a fully booked in shooting the film director. At the same time, DF did not perform several other agreements on the contract. In view of the DF number of default, prepayment required DF to repay $75000 Yi xi. Hee Yi pictures that the move is to make the company realize that their behavior will be Yi hee pictures complaint, immediately to the local court made a false and unfounded accusations, the purpose is to put himself into a victim. DF on charges of the Yi Xi film content, the following reasons can be an easy job to do that. The most obvious point is that, before DF signed in June 5, ignoring to boot this agreement, distort the facts that no one confirmed Yi hee film production plan. However, in both sides of the message, clearly shows that the DF has been clearly expressed over 5, June can boot. Take a few emails for example, DF initially identified in May 2016 after the start, did not get pictures of Yi hee agree, DF has unilaterally email the production start date postponed to June 2016. In addition to these messages, call DF responsible person in charge and hee Yi pictures, repeatedly agreed in 5 and June the shooting plan. DF has written in favor of the plan, which is no doubt fatal to its proposed "no shooting plan". DF one after another of the breach of contract, Yi hee pictures has every right back)相关的主题文章: