The high value of Yan sports SUV Chery Tiggo 3x manual version of III (video) 法拉利599gto

The high value of Yan sports SUV Chery Tiggo 3X manual version of III with Car Buying young people are getting younger, and the number of diverse needs, leading to many automobile manufacturers in order to keep pace with the changes in the market and the introduction of a variety of derivative models, or directly at the same level to introduce more differentiation models to meet the market demand, in fact, from the manufacturers in terms of the same level, introduced a variety of models can better market segmentation, in order to get more profit is also a good thing. For example, Chery launched 3 new Tiggo (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) X belongs to this type, and it is with the Tiggo 3 has a kind of difference? The new model Chery Tiggo 3X? Come and see the face! 3X Chery launched Chery Tiggo Tiggo 3X is mainly used to attack the young consumer market, from the car, the "X" represents the meaning of "CROSS", so we can put the car as tiger 3 "personality cross version". But 3X is Chery Tiggo 2 strategy second SUV, so in some details not only the use of Chery’s new design concept, but also a reference to the tiger (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) design elements 7. In fact, on the whole, 3X is still a continuation of the Tiggo Tiggo 3 vehicle styling, and has the same face, just Tiggo 3X optimization more refined, and put on the headlights of new style, as well as the fog area was upgraded. In addition to the standard body side roof rack and anti clean, also adopted the roof suspension design, and put on a more dynamic hub, and body size is larger than the Tiggo 3, especially the wheelbase is reached 2555mm. While the rear was completely from the design of 7 tiger, making the whole rear more fashionable and stocky, the new style taillights and integrated throughout the chrome piece the most eye-catching, and surrounded by black and silver bottom movement when the floor also significantly enhance the vehicle’s sense of movement. Summary: Despite the appearance of 3X and Tiggo Tiggo 3 same face shape, but the details of the design of the vehicle body side is more fashionable, clever design of the suspension roof and the rear of the front wheel arch "vents" more prominent personality, while the rear is more like a smaller version of the Swiss tiger 7 ". The whole show full of sense of movement and stocky. For the young consumer groups, Tiggo 3X than it did Tiggo 3 more likely to move them. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. In fact, Tiggo 3X interior design and layout and not too many surprises, but a new orange or blue trim played a big role, brought some fresh feeling to the original classic styling. 3X is fully extended Tiggo Tiggo 3 interior, just at the wheel of the details and the air outlet on the more refined adjustment, the hollow design at the bottom of the steering wheel similar to diamond shape indeed promote certain grades, round air-conditioning outlet also highlights the sense of movement and is located in the center console on both sides. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the interior materials and tiger 3X.相关的主题文章: