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The 16295th phase: prediction of lottery 3D hot, continued strong – Sohu 2016294th lottery lottery 3D number is 334, and the value of 10 points, the size and shape for small, parity form odd parity, the span value of 1. 3D forecast number 2016295 period the new quasi: cold: cold on the number of cooling, only in a bit out of number 4, the recent cold code rule previews, the next period should beware of the cold number chuhao pause. No. 294: thermal analysis thermal, out of 3, respectively, down to the hundred and ten, through the analysis of the recent lottery results, hot next period is still expected to be the most powerful performance. Temperature number: a warm number did not show up, study from the next omission, signs of the next 295 stage temperature code slightly back. Ten: the difference between the ten difference is 1, in a period of time, 1 difference continued to be strong, 295 fortification ten difference to the 0 or 2 interval. Ten bits and ten bits, and a value of 7 in the period, according to ten recent and present landing trend, 295 recommended ten and 5-10 value in between.相关的主题文章: