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Pass founder Lai Meisong: after two or three years of mergers and acquisitions of transnational express companies’ original title: dialogue through courier founder Mei Song Lai: mergers and acquisitions of transnational express companies U.S. local time 9:30 on October 27th after two or three years, through courier (ZTO) officially landed in New York stock exchange, the issue price of $19.50 per share. Qualcomm through the final price of $18.40 shares opened. For the IPO fell below the issue price, the founder and chairman of China Express Lai Meisong on surging news (), said a little bit up a little bit is normal, do not care about one fifteen". Lai Meisong said, I believe the quality of Qualcomm express will give shareholders a good return. Lai Meisong pointed out that the United States through the express delivery of the United States, is to become a world-class integrated logistics service providers. Listed in the United States can get more domestic and foreign potential customers and partners of the recognition and trust, but also conducive to cross-border business and international business development. Although the express pass the day’s closing price of only $16.57 shares, but holds a 32.6% stake in express Lai Mesam, still worth nearly $3 billion 500 million, about 23 billion 700 million yuan. Operating margin is far more than peers through express was founded in 2002, headquartered in Shanghai. In recent years, the amount of its business and profitability, Qualcomm Express has been among the forefront of China’s first courier industry legion. According to previously submitted the prospectus, 2011 to 2015, through courier express parcel capacity from 279 million growth to 2 billion 946 million, approaching the present volume ranking first private express courier tact. Express through 2015 revenues of 6 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 55.9%, as of June 2016, through express revenue reached $4 billion 200 million, an increase of 70.8% over the same period last year. At the same time, China express delivery in 2015 operating margin of 25.1%, much higher than the peers to the level of 13% to 16% margin. Lai Meisong pointed out that the Chinese express delivery in terms of cost control to do a better job, a profit of 0.2 yuan more than the peers earn. Among them, as a result of the express courier team more, so the cost of transportation on the same industry and opened more than 0.1 yuan a ticket gap. For the listing of the idea, Lai Meisong believes that the courier industry has entered a new equipment, new technology, new ecological development stage. As of June 30th this year, China express delivery has 7 tractors, and more than 3 years ago, courier companies almost no such models. "New equipment can greatly reduce the overall cost of transport. A tractor one kilometer cost is 4 yuan, also a 9 meters 6 heavy trucks (heavy) one kilometer is 3 yuan; and 9 meters of 6 heavy trucks only 65 square meters, 140 square meters of tractor. Two cars a kilometer can save 2 yuan. If we express the use of such enterprises, the entire logistics costs will decline. Tractor cost can be decreased by 1/3 compared to the heavy truck." Lai Meisong explained. In addition, Lai Meisong pointed out that many courier companies transfer from the previous manual operation of the center, the combination of human-computer interaction into automation, the future may also be intelligent. In addition to the courier industry in the future in addition to express itself;相关的主题文章: