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Biography millet Note 2 released in November with 5.7 inch double screen digital [IT168] – Sohu information although millet has just launched 5S 5S and Plus two new machine, but there are already began to spread millet real flagship news. The day before, suggesting that in the industry analyst @ pan jiutang millet Note replacement models will be released at the end of October after the news, netizens @C digital cat in micro-blog claimed that millet Note 2 will use the double screen design, and equipped with a 5.7 inch 2K screen, but the time of release in November of this year. Double screen design despite the latest launch of millet 5S and 5S Plus blessing a lot of black technology, but it seems that there are many users of the two new machines shape not satisfied. So the industry analyst @ pan jiutang soon said in micro-blog, "the love of millet Note generation that exquisite sense of the end of October." And it seems to imply that millet has a real flagship, will meet with us at the end of October. However, now for this new flagship millet release time and a new argument. In accordance with the user @C digital cat broke the news on micro-blog, said millet Note2 will use a curved surface design, with 5.7 inches touch screen support 2K resolution, will be released in November. In addition, some netizens claimed back a new spy millet machine previously exposed millet is Note 2, and the opportunity to have single lens and dual lens launch two versions. But although the name still suspense, came millet Note 2 will be launched in November, but the final official name may not be the case, there may be renamed millet Pro, OLED will be equipped with curved screen Samsung or LG. Thus, although the official name is pending, but this will be a large screen millet flagship screen design may have no suspense. As for the main specifications of the millet flagship, according to leaked in the past, the aircraft will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor, storage combination 4GB 6GB RAM+64GB 128GB with ROM, and with the Samsung GALAXY S7 with a 12 million pixel camera sensor, and supports four axis optical anti shake function. Of course, the use of ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology on Millet 5S will appear on the machine, but the so-called single lens and two lens version of the argument, has not yet been confirmed. Two new machines approved it is worth mentioning that, according to the National Radio Management Bureau released the latest information shows, have also won the radio type approval of two models for the new machine 2016111 and 2016112 Millet’s support, China Netcom, but temporarily do not know the specific identity. However, if coupled with the previously appeared in the 3C certification list of 2015211201606020160802016090 and other models, it means that at least six new millet has not yet released. According to the analysis of users, as millet 2016060 and 2016090 should be red rice.相关的主题文章: