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The Commission to investigate private fund information disclosure violations – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, according to the SFC website news, the Shanghai, a private equity fund managers in order to "reduce the share" provision of performance pay, performance pay will not cause investors to extract changes of total net value of the fund and the fund share timely and comprehensive disclosure to investors, investors are not promptly informed of the change of fund assets. It is reported that the "shrinking share method" is one of the methods of the current private equity fund industry provision performance reward, i.e. when the performance pay accrual basis on the net value of the fund share is greater than the previous provision of July, according to a certain proportion of the difference between the net increase of accrued performance fees. After the performance of the remuneration, the net share of the fund remains unchanged, but the fund shares held by investors deduction. Under the share reduction method, changes in fund shares is an important information for investors to understand the fund’s income, investment decisions. The private equity fund managers use their information advantage, the net value of the fund information disclosure to investors only, damage the reasonable right of investors, may lead investors to make the wrong investment decisions, the violation of the "private investment fund supervision and management Interim Measures" article third, fourth article on "engaged in private equity fund business, shall follow the principles of voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credit principle" and "private equity fund managers shall fulfill their duties, fulfill honesty, prudence and diligence obligations" provisions. Commission in accordance with the Interim Measures for the supervision and management of private equity funds, thirty-third of the person in charge of the administrative supervision measures taken to address the regulatory requirements of the company on the relevant issues for rectification. Private equity fund managers of private equity investment fund business, should strictly abide by the "securities investment fund law", "private investment fund supervision and management Interim Measures" and other relevant laws and regulations, fairness, honesty and credit principle, and earnestly fulfill the prudent duty of diligence, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the formation of honest culture industry. Next, the Commission will continue to attach great importance to and continue to strengthen the integrity of the private sector supervision, and promote the healthy development of private industry norms.相关的主题文章: