Who says women than men watch pioneer master class woman accused of discrimination jcuv是什么车

Who says women than men watch "pioneer" master class woman accused discrimination against gender discrimination, especially for discrimination against women, not only will appear in working life, the Queen’s home has always been in the game circle is also a "special group", or because women are indeed game player less than men, perhaps a lot of playing games in the game player girl it is "mix child", so it’s easy to see women wearing tainted glasses but no female game player and game player, game player how much worse than men, such as following the "master class girl" story. Watch the NGA pioneer female game player playfully girls at the forum, less training "made a post, said she will watch and" pioneer "story, recently it finally got through the efforts of the master, but the article also is full of game player control female discrimination v.. The original post is as follows: last night on the winning master, the heart is extremely expansive. I don’t think I’m the adorable one! Now there’s only one song in my head! How invincible ~ how lonely! 3000 spent a week out of the fish pond, in the 3600 to a point on Monday did not go on, and then closed yesterday, although there are still, but I did not encounter, straight streak from 3800 to 4019! There is no higher than my sister players! I want to make friends with you! Screenshot released on the girl I want to say one thing, now want to respect a woman male game player game player, don’t play that woman milk lay up, with one row is hold the thigh, double the people don’t play well, he said, so many dishes with sister? To tell the truth, you play this game has always been a person to play? My last season in order not to let people say do not give milk not double, played 38 hours 76, 76 was cut, the rise of Mccrea, chicken hair can not play, and rise to play a monk, the monk is milk, but whether you and more powerful, as long as you are a woman, there will be people not with that voice, playing up the milk lying, what. EXM? A professional team needs at least two auxiliary, meaning that milk is lying on the right? That’s why the guys who are playing well, DJ, don’t you say that? Would you say really strong wave of black Dj, said Niu Dongmei monk super Diao, also my first season monk 81, monk second season maomei four thousand, why more people are questioning, disdain, derision, because I am a woman? Woman drying out second screenshots first season season has invited me to play team occupation occupation, but there are some obscure clan, and some women, playing the ring slightly longer knows that women are basically the vase team, I went to lol from ow to CF, there have been a call occupation heart, but I am a girl, would like to invite only women, I just want to say, want to play the game on the gaming of the woman, owe too much, for the entertainment game player too many good girl. No woman gaming privileges, you are the only one in the team voice said a word, his teammates: there is a woman a Voices of discontent… How to win, lose lose. I’m sorry, I’m a sister, I am less than your hands less feet less brain.相关的主题文章: