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All-match wear rotten street, I want the most unique outfit! Sohu – denim fabric, Cambodia content, surface smooth, smooth texture crisp, not stiff, wearing comfortable, stylish. Deep blue denim color effect, natural mild color. Pencil bag hip skirt style, vertical cutting, waist ratio, waist lace design, highlighting the slender waist and sexy. At the same time, the predecessor of Multi Pocket design, rich dress sense, lines extended, wrapped in a exquisite curve design before the split, significant legislation sexy woman! Love to wear silk friends, some can not resist the charm. The extremely comfortable and environmentally friendly natural 100% silk fabrics, to create a real wear high single product, a concentrated expression of this T-shirt is this idea. Hot summer, cool and comfortable, suitable for wearing natural fabric, 100% retains the characteristics of natural silk incomparable, smooth, comfortable, breathable, skin drape and softness and unrestrained ~ pants, let you bring a pleasant sense in the busy work, comfort without constraint. Accustomed to the commuter OL dress up, and occasionally to a full sense of leisure LOOK is also a good recommendation!!!! Value feedback, looking forward to a ~~J Merino wool knitted T-shirts, happy each year will be featured some good quality products, the wool collar is strongly recommended to everyone! The latest shipment, the latest, best Merino wool, feel and comfort is extremely high, the color is very beautiful and the price is also very high quality! Value of money, he left a few pieces, very good, free ride, casual will not be deformed! Silk knitting, more flexible than ordinary silk fabrics, very silky, cool, give you a baby like skin feeling ~ stripe control will be closed! Silk should be low hand wash or dry clean, do not want exposure to air spring and summer approaching, wearing a oversized T-shirt bat, free to go to travel, to enjoy the most beautiful young days. Super soft Pakistan Abram wool fabric, soft waxy skin, the body is very comfortable. 16 early autumn casual pants, modeling simple, smooth and clean lines, collocation is beyond your imagination. Cotton fabric, moisture absorption, soft and comfortable, and elastic, so that the experience of wearing more upgrades. Waist waist, waist pants type velvet lace design, very beautiful, straight skinny pants a little body, be a bit loose, the straight thin leg type modified. Fine foot mouth rib, elasticity and resilience are good, beautiful ~ the new spring and summer 16, young fashion design taste, flavor and good wear! Cotton denim softness, comfort and stiffness are great. Details are quite rich and interesting, in addition to the precise version of the control, the whole pants upper body handsome god, fashion degree greatly increased! Suit for the four seasons. The effect of washing white, very natural and light blue jeans together, moisture absorption and permeability are good, even in the summer will not feel very hot. The necessary manpower, super thin and slim, invincible all-match! More than a few colors are also very good, easy to match! Price performance.相关的主题文章: