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Hebei provincial authorities style appraisal real bad point like people to — Beijing original title: Hebei provincial organ style public appraisal for real "bad" or "like" the masses to judge because they do not strictly enforce the policy, for two consecutive years is not paid returned to retired workers living allowance, which returned overseas Chinese dissatisfied with the adverse social impact, the Provincial Government Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Yan Jianhong by Party warning; because the work is not standardized, the service is not in place, the problem of the masses not long reply, the work of the masses caused many appeals, the Provincial Communications Authority telecommunications management office director Chu Guanghui, director of the office of Gao Desheng and other 8 leading cadres. Written, informed criticism, jobs are now removed by tissue processing…… In Hebei Province, to carry out the style of public comment, the 5 style typical cases, giving names public exposure in Hebei daily; 132 of the masses in violation of the provisions of the central eight cases transferred to the discipline inspection organs investigated, caused a strong vibration on the masses of cadres. In order to solve the provincial authorities "can’t" do not want to "not as" lazy politics lazy political problems, urging party members and cadres to adjust mental state, change work style, improve the service efficiency, since the beginning of this year, the Hebei provincial government style public appraisal as a powerful starting point for the province level organ style rectification, drive the party and government, to promote the style change. Provincial authorities work to rectify the style of leading group public comment group leader Gao Jianmin said: "this year’s innovation style public appraisal, method, content, more specific requirements strictly, really touched, the real thing, named the cadres’ think of as" the initiative as "good state." The three one target of practicing the "40" service commitment after the Spring Festival this year, the first day of work, the provincial government held a provincial organ style rectification mobilization meeting, the public appraisal as the focus of work to rectify the. Problem oriented, forced cadres style change. In the past, the light is the basic information for retired workers pension insurance units, it is necessary to run the relevant departments repeatedly, a week can not do. Now run, less than half an hour to get." Hebei Provincial Department of human resources and social security agency business lobby, ICBC Hebei branch of the human resources department of Wang Mingli, now no longer run run distress. She said that the Department of human resources and social development this year, 40 service commitments, the opening of the insurance online service system, the unit will be able to modify the information, save time and effort. Wang Mingli’s experience reflects the style change of provincial authorities. In the style of public comment, the provincial organs will be good, honest, work together into the evaluation scope, known as "an arrow in the target three". As a grassroots service, serving the people of the window, the hall is the best embodiment of the "three wind" "wind vane". 39 provincial authorities of the 54 administrative approval hall behind the "40" service commitment to the community: the service accept zero prevarication, service mode, service quality zero zero error, zero complaint service results, introduced the satisfaction of immediate assessment, the administrative licensing matters online application, unified acceptance, within specified time, open up "measures Easy Access" a series of simplification and optimization work processes, office)相关的主题文章: