Trump was elected president of the United States no longer quarrel with the United States, Duthel Te wegener肉芽肿

Trump Duthel Te was elected president of the United States and the United States: don’t fight "side by side" data figure: US Philippine joint military drill in Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that in November 10th, Philippines’s president Duthel Te congratulated Trump elected president of the United States, and now want to stop and the dispute, said, recalling the Obama regime to criticize him caused resentment. Reported that, because of a series of remarks by Du’s crown on the "Oriental Trump" said. In recent months, he has repeatedly Mengpi United States, wants to terminate the agreement and the US Philippine defense joint military exercises. In November 8th, Trump won the election. "I wish to congratulate Trump," said Duthel Te, who is visiting Malaysia." He said: "we all curse. Even sesame seeds curse. But since Trump is out, I should stop. I don’t want to fight anymore because Trump won the election." Duthel Te expressed dissatisfaction with the current government in the United States in his speech, said the U.S. threat of disruption to the Philippines aid to Philippines as a "tethered dog". He said: "Americans speak in the same way that we are their colony." The United States to the Philippines, he said: "you do not provide assistance to us, to your."相关的主题文章: